How Do You Spell Venue?

Spelling of Venue: venue is spelled v-e-n-u-e.

Definition of Venue: A venue is a place where events are held, such as concerts, sporting events, musical acts, etc. It also specifically refers to the place in which a lawsuit might or should be tried.

A venue doesn’t have to be any particular size, and they can range from large to small. Huge concert and sport stadiums can seat hundreds of thousands of people, while smaller, more intimate venues might seat only a few hundred people.

Pronunciation of venue: venue is pronounced ven-you. 

How to Use Venue in a Sentence

how to spell venue What does venue mean? A venue is a place in which specific events are held.

Venue is a noun, and thus, can function as a subject or object of a sentence.

For example,

  • The new venue is still under construction. (subject)
  • The bride and groom-to-be still have not chosen a venue in which to hold their wedding. (object)

The plural form of the word is formed by adding “-s” to make venues.

For example,

  • The jury requested that they change venues for this trial.
  • The band is still looking for venues for its upcoming tour.

Phrases That Use Venue

There are no common phrases or idioms that use the word venue.

History & Etymology of Venue

According to Merriam Webster’s, this word was first used in 1531. It was likely borrowed from Anglo-French and altered from vinne, visne, which literally means “neighborhood, neighbors.”

Ultimately, it came from the Latin word vicinus meaning “neighboring.”

Synonyms for Venue

Depending on whether the context of the situation is related to law or not, there are a few different synonyms for venue.

  • Location
  • Point
  • Place
  • Spot
  • Emplacement
  • Locale
  • Stadium

Outside Examples of Venue

  • Elizabeth Sobol, president and CEO of Saratoga Performing Arts Center, told the Times Union of Albany on Sunday that the ballet’s 2018 season at the upstate venue will be cut from two weeks to just one week. –Houston Chronicle
  • With the New York events scene increasingly dominated by megaconcert promoters like Live Nation, the founders of Elsewhere are hoping to fill a local void as a spacious, professionally run indie venue, with plans to book a majority of shows there through their own production company, PopGun Presents. –New York Times


The word venue is a noun that refers to a place or location where a specific type of event is held.

Since it is a noun, it functions as either a subject or object in a sentence. By adding an “-s”, the word becomes plural.