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Over 500 words covered

Learn tips and tricks covering hundreds of the most confusing English words.

Video Lectures

Over five hours of video lectures break down these confusing words and complicated concepts into easy-to-follow, understandable examples.

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Use the materials in this course as desk references while writing and sending emails at work.

Study at your own pace

This self-study course allows you to set your own study pace. If you need more time on a section, no problem! You can use our suggested schedule or set your own.

Improve English Communication

Communicate more clearly and more accurately when writing in English.

Improve WRitten Test Scores

By enrolling in this course, you can avoid the most common English mistakes and improve your written test scores.

Practice Quizzes

Test your knowledge and improve your writing skills with interactive quizzes on confusing nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and much more!

Totally modern; totally online

This course is 100 percent online. There is no mandatory schedule and no mandatory classroom times. This means you can study as much as you want, anywhere you want.

Enhance Your Writing.

Write More Confidently and Effectively.

We all want to make our writing as neat and professional as possible. The English language, however, doesn’t make this easy on us.

English has hundreds of homophones that confuse writers both novice and professional alike. While these words plague even the most advanced writers, anyone can learn how to use them with precision and ease.

Once you learn how to tell these words apart, there’s nothing scary about them at all. In fact, your writing can shine error free!

By enrolling in this course, you have taken the first step to neat and error-free writing.


Who Needs This Course?


These confusing words plague even the most experienced writers. By mastering them as a student, you are setting yourself up for a career of successful academic and professional writing. 


High-school teachers and college professors can use this course as a set of resources to educate their students on common writing pitfalls to avoid.

English Language Learners

Learn how to write like a native English speaker. Increase your vocabulary and refine your word choice by understanding the nuances between these commonly confused English words.

Independent Authors

Many independent and first-time authors go through the editing process alone–without expensive copy-editors and publishing houses. Now you don’t have to! Use this course as a helpful guide while editing your next work.


Modern-day professionals can send and receive hundreds of emails a day. Use the materials here as a handy resource to keep your daily office communication clean and error free.

Small Business Owners

One of the biggest inefficiencies in small and large companies alike is internal miscommunications. This course can improve internal office communications and external communications with customers.

What’s Covered in This Course?

This course is a systematic guide for the most confusing words in the language. We leave no stone unturned as we cover over 500 confusing English words.

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Course.
Chapter 2: Confusing Grammatical Concepts: comparative words, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, and prepositions.
Chapter 3: Confusing Nouns: part 1 and 2.
Chapter 4: Confusing Verbs: part 1 and 2.
Chapter 5: Confusing Adjectives.
Chapter 6: American vs. British Spelling Differences: part 1 and 2.
Chapter 7: Confusing Phrases: part 1 and 2. (Level 2 and 3 students)
Chapter 8: Confusing Compounds: (Level 3 students)
Chapter 9: Additional Practice and Study Materials

This course comes complete with video lectures, downloadable worksheets, and graded quizzes. Plus, you get access to a ton of bonus material to help your writing in the future.

Confusing Words
Page Reference Book
Quiz Questions with Solutions
Hours of Video Instruction

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Level 1

$ 47
  • Online Course Materials
  • Unlimited Online Course Access
  • Printable Desk Reference Book
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Bonus Section: American, British English Spelling Differences
  • Bonus E-book: Grammar Q&A PDF

Level 2

Essentials PLUS
$ 97
  • All Level 1 Content
  • Lifetime Updates
  • 50 Practice Quiz Questions
  • Videos Covering 25 Word Sets
  • Bonus Section: Confusing English Phrases
  • Bonus E-book: Dictionary of Grammar Terms
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Level 3

Platinum PLUS
$ 147
  • All Level 1 Content
  • All Level 2 Content
  • Study Flashcards
  • 150 Graded Quiz Questions with Solutions
  • Videos Covering 100+ Word Sets
  • Bonus Section: Confusing English Compounds
  • Audio Visual Grammar Q&A Seminar
  • Bonus E-book: ESL Instruction - How to Say Native Phrases
  • Bonus E-book: 10 Basics of AP Style
  • Quiz Extra: True and False
  • Quiz Extra: Commonly Misspelled Words
  • Quiz Extra: Find all Incorrect Words
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Your reputation matters—as a student, an employee, a co-worker, etc.

One of the best ways to set yourself apart in professional environments is with clear, concise writing. It is a hallmark of good communication and an indispensable asset in the modern workplace.

Professional writers work for years to overcome and master the words in this course. Now you have your very own shortcut.

Yes, this course is 100% online.

You can work through it on your own time and at your pace. There is no set schedule, and you can access it anywhere and anytime you have an Internet connection!

I will be adding new features and new content to the course regularly.

By purchasing the Level 2 or Level 3 course, you will be able to take advantage of these updates for continued learning. As the course expands, you will have access to more materials and more learning opportunities.

Nope! This course is a one-time fee. Once you’re enrolled, you will have access to it forever.

And if you are a Level 2 or Level 3 student, you will also have access to lifetime updates.

College writing courses will cost you thousands of dollars—and as soon as you walk out of the classroom, the class is done.

You can take this class and all of its materials with you anywhere you go.

For less than the price of a single college textbook, you can set your writing apart from your peers.

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