How Do You Spell Sigh?

Spelling of sigh: sigh is spelled s-i-g-h

Sometimes the plural spelling of the word, sighs, is confused with the word size because they sound the same.

Definition of sigh: Sigh is a verb meaning to take a large, audible breath, often to express relief or frustration.

Pronunciation of sigh: sigh is pronounced si with a long I sound

How to Use Sigh in a Sentence

In most cases, sigh functions as a verb.

  • Parent sigh at their children after catching them taking candy from the pantry.

Sigh is conjugated as a regular verb: sigh > sighs > sighed.

  • Every time she drives past her old house, she sighs. (third person singular present)
  • He sighed when reviewing his financials from last month. (third person singular past)

Sigh with an “-ing” can mean to yearn or grieve for something. This usage is also a verb.

For example,

  • More and more I find myself sighing in remembrance of carefree childhood days.

But sigh can also function as a noun, as in the sound or act of sighing.

  • She let out a sigh of frustration when the door wouldn’t open.

Another form of the word that functions as a noun is sigh with an “-er” as in a sigher, a person who is sighing.

Phrases That Use Sigh

There is one commonly used phrase using the word sigh, which means to make a sound that demonstrates relief.

  • breathe a sigh of relief

History of Sigh

According to Merriam Webster’s, sigh first appeared in Middle English in the 13th century.

Sigh comes from the Middle English word sihen, an alteration of sichen. It also can be traced back to its Old English version of sican similar to the Middle Dutch word versiken, which means to sigh. 

Synonyms for Sigh

There are words with related meanings to sigh, but no exact synonyms.

A few similar words are,

  • Exhale
  • Grown
  • Moan
  • Whisper
  • Murmur

Outside Examples of Sigh

  • “I closed my eyes with an inward sigh of exasperation at having such a difficult time following instructions.”  –The New York Times
  • “US fails to reach 2018 World Cup; Argentina breathes sigh of relief”  –CNN


Sigh is a verb meaning to audibly exhale a sound of relief or frustration; it can also function as a noun which refers to the sound the person makes.

  • For example, a sigh of relief.