How Do You Spell Lanyard?

how to spell lanyardSpelling of lanyard: lanyard is spelled l-a-n-y-a-r-d. This can be tricky as the yard part of the word is not fully sounded. It can also be spelled as lanyard, although this is less common.

Definition of lanyard: A lanyard normally refers to a chord that is worn around the neck to hold an item such as a key, identity badge, or whistle.

In the military, a lanyard refers to a piece of rope used to trigger a piece of weaponry. It is also the nautical terms for a piece of rope used to secure, raise or lower something such as a ship’s sail or a flag on a flagpole.

Pronunciation of lanyard: Lanyard is pronounced lan-yurd.

How to Use Lanyard in a Sentence

  • I would like to order some blue, customized lanyards for an upcoming event.
  • Feed the lanyard through deadeyes to extend the shroud.

Phrases That Use Lanyard

Lanyards are often used for security reasons to display identity.

  • When you enter the music festival your lanyard must be on show at all times.

They may also be used to aid people with organization.

  • I put my keys on a lanyard, which will hopefully stop me losing them!

History of Lanyard

According to Merriam-Webster, lanyard entered the English language in the 17th century. In Middle English, a lainer was a strap used for fastening clothing or armor. In Old French, a laniere also refers to a leather strap.

It is believed that the yard section of the word was originally a nautical term referring to a “long beam used to support a sail.”

Synonyms of Lanyard

Lanyards worn around the neck (that you can attach objects to) are specifically designed objects. The following words are objects that could perform similar functions to a lanyard:

  • Lasso
  • Line
  • Rope
  • String
  • Cable
  • Cord

Outside Examples of Lanyard

  • “He was wearing his news media credentials on a lanyard.” STL Today
  • “At the Conservative party conference, the health secretary wore a lanyard advertising Tate & Lyle, which manufactures sugar – a leading cause of obesity.” The Guardian


Lanyard is a noun that most commonly refers to a chord worn around the neck which has been designed to hold an object. It may also be used to refer to a loop of rope in nautical or military contexts.