How Do You Spell Kayak?

Spelling of Kayak: Kayak is spelled k-a-y-a-k.

Definition of Kayak: A kayak is a boat, similar to a canoe, originally used by the Inuit. It is constructed with a light frame, often with a watertight covering that has a small opening in the top in which a person can sit.

Kayak is also a verb that means to use or travel by kayak.

Pronunciation of Kayak: Kayak is pronounced kī-ak, with the “kay-” sounding like “-k” + a long “-i”.

How to Use Kayak in a Sentence

What does mean? Kayak, as a noun, is a canoe-like boat that is pointed at both ends and requires the use of a double-ended paddle to propel it. While there are tandem kayaks, most are only single seaters.

When referring to an individual who kayaks frequently, add an “-er” to the word to form the noun kayaker.

how to spell kayakFor example,

  • The large waves caused her kayak to tip but she was an experienced kayaker so she used her skills to roll herself right side up again.
  • This particular kayak is made for use in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

When explaining the act of using or traveling in a kayak, it is used as a verb. The past tense of the verb is kayaked and the gerund is kayaking.

For example,

  • Their friend from the city didn’t want to kayak because he was afraid the narrow boat would tip.
  • As they were kayaking, a Humpback whale emerged from the depths of the ocean.

A Few Facts About Kayak

The word kayak is a palindrome, meaning it is spelled the same forwards and backwards.

Traditional Inuit and Yupik, (Eskimo), kayaks are made by stretching animal skins over a frame of wood or whalebone.

History & Etymology of Kayak

According to Merriam-Webster’s, kayak was first used in the year 1757. The word originates from the Inuit word qayaq.

Synonyms for Kayak

Since kayak is the name of a specific type of boat, there are no synonyms for the word. Canoe is not synonymous with kayak as it is a different type of vessel.

Outside Examples of Kayak

  • I instinctively stopped paddling and looked at the water beyond the bow of my kayak just as a large fin broke the surface. – The Washington Post
  • The body of a kayaker who was reported missing Monday morning after launching from Northport was discovered adrift in Long Island Sound several hours later, authorities said. – Newsday
  • As with powder skiing, patience and education are essential in learning to kayak. – The Denver Post


Invented by the Inuit people, a kayak is a narrow boat that is pointed at both ends and propelled by a single paddle. The word can act as both a noun and a verb.