How Do You Spell Enthusiast? English Spelling Dictionary

Spelling of Enthusiast: Enthusiast is spelled e-n-t-h-u-s-i-a-s-t.

Definition of Enthusiast: Enthusiast refers to a person that is full of enthusiasm and is strongly attached to a cause, object, pursuit, or interest.

An enthusiast is full of excitement about something and might be totally absorbed in a given interest or cause.

Pronunciation of Enthusiast: Enthusiast is pronounced en-thoo-zee-ist.

How to Use Enthusiast in a Sentence

What does enthusiast mean? The word enthusiast

how to spell enthusiastFor example,

  • The skiing enthusiasts met at the chalet for their annual retreat.
  • She calls herself a fitness enthusiast but I think she is a bit obsessed.

By adding “-ic” to enthusiast, the adjective enthusiastic.

For example,

  • Billy is an enthusiastic student but he is struggling to achieve grades that match his zeal for learning.
  • Prior to this most recent scandal, they were enthusiastic supporters of the president.

Phrases That Use Enthusiast

While there are no common phrases that use enthusiast, there is one that uses the word enthusiasm which is the root of the word enthusiast.

Curb your enthusiasm: control or limit your enthusiasm, excitement, or interest.

History & Etymology of Enthusiast

According to Merriam-Webster’s, this word was first used in 1570.

This word comes from the Greek word enthousiastes, meaning possessed person, which is derived from enthousiazein, meaning to be inspired.

Synonyms for Enthusiast

There are several synonyms for the word enthusiast. Some of them have a more negative connotation than others. Keep this in mind when selecting a word to replace enthusiast.

  • Aficionado
  • Buff
  • Devotee
  • Fan
  • Fanatic
  • Addict
  • Fancier
  • Lover

Outside Examples of Enthusiast

  • The bridge is one of three that crosses the body of water, which is popular with boat-racing enthusiasts and is the site of several summer regattas, according to the Worcester Telegram. – The Washington Post
  • When Olive moved from childhood to adolescence and began to separate from her mother, Billie redirected her energies, turning into an avid outdoor sports enthusiast. – New York Times


The word enthusiast refers to a person who is very excited about or interested in a particular subject.