How Do You Spell Diesel?

Spelling of Diesel: Diesel is spelled d-i-e-s-e-l. The “i” always comes before the “e.

Definition of Diesel: Diesel is a noun. It is a common name for any vehicle powered by a diesel engine, as well as a type of fuel.

Pronunciation of Diesel: diesel is pronounced either as dee-zul or dee-sul.

How to Use Diesel in a Sentence

What does diesel mean? It is common to call any vehicle that has a diesel engine a diesel; it is also a type of fuel derived from petroleum. Diesel engines are common in larger vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and industrial machinery.

Diesel is a noun and can, therefore, function as a subject or object in a sentence.

how to spell diesel For example,

  • Does your truck take gasoline or diesel?
  • This little car right here is a diesel.

The word is sometimes written as a compound noun.

For example,

  • The tank has thicker armor and is powered by a diesel

Phrases That Use Diesel

There are no common phrases or idioms that use the word diesel.

History & Etymology of Diesel

The first known use of the word was in 1894, according to Merriam Webster’s. The term comes from the name of the inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, a German mechanical engineer. Rudolf Diesel was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 1978.

Synonyms for Diesel

There aren’t any real synonyms of the word diesel as it describes something specific that has no other name.

Some related words include:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Diesel oil
  • Diesel engine

Outside Examples of Diesel

  • But at the plant, he wrote in the email, “this will be one of the biggest challenges I face when starting the operations next week, along with getting enough fuel for my employees and enough diesel to run the plant.” – The Washington Post
  • German politicians and car bosses agreed on Wednesday to overhaul engine software on 5.3 million diesel cars to cut pollution and try to repair the industry’s battered reputation. – Daily News


The word diesel is a noun that refers to a type of petroleum-based fuel, and to any vehicle that is powered by a diesel engine.

As a noun, it can function as a subject or object in a sentence. It is often used as a compound noun, as in diesel fuel and diesel engine.