How Do You Spell Conveyor? – English Spelling Dictionary

how to spell conveyor Spelling of conveyor: conveyor is spelled c-o-n-v-e-y-o-r. Be careful with the suffix. It is sometimes spelled with er at the end, but the or suffix is more common.

Definition of conveyor: conveyor is the noun form of the verb convey (to transport something from one place to another). A conveyor therefore refers to the person or thing doing the transporting.

Pronunciation of conveyor: Conveyor is pronounced con-vey-er.

How to Use Conveyor in a Sentence

What does conveyor mean? The noun conveyer most commonly refers to a piece of machinery that transports objects from place to place. They can be seen in factories, airports, and most commonly in modern supermarkets.

For example,

  • Place your items on the conveyor so they can be scanned.

It can refer to someone or something that is communicating information or ideas.

  • The large electronic board in the airport is a conveyor of information.
  • Christians believe that Jesus was a conveyor of God’s word.

You may also hear it used as a legal term.

  • The lawyer acted as the conveyor, legally transferring the property from John to Steve.

Phrases that use Conveyor

Sushi-lovers will be very familiar with phrases such as:

  • Could you pass me the plate of spring rolls from the conveyor belt?

Conveyor belt can be used as a metaphor to criticize something that is too manufactured or lacking in compassion or creativity:

  • The music industry is a factory, producing a conveyor belt of identical new records.
  • That school treats students like products on a conveyor belt. They only care about exam statistics.

History of Conveyor

Merriam-Webster believes that the verb convey entered English in the 14th century from the Anglo-French word conveier (to accompany or escort). Conveier could be a hybrid of the Latin words com (with/ together) and via (way/ road). The noun form conveyer is thought to have fallen into common use in the early 1500s.

Synonyms of Conveyor

There are no common synonyms when used in mechanical or legal contexts, but someone or something giving information may also be referred to as a:

  • Barer
  • Messenger
  • Agent
  • Deliverer
  • Carrier

Outside Examples of Conveyor

  • On a recent afternoon, a claw at end of the arm grabbed a bin off a conveyor belt and stacked it on another bin, forming neat columns on wooden pallets surrounding the robot –The New York Times
  • ‘American Assassin’: A killing machine riding the conveyor belt through an action factory –The Washington Post


Conveyor is a noun which refers to: the belt mechanism used to move objects; something or someone that communicates information or ideas; or a legal transition of property.