How Do You Spell Argument? – English Spelling Dictionary

Spelling of Argument: Argument is spelled a-r-g-u-m-e-n-t.

Definition of Argument: An argument is the act or process of arguing, discussing, or reasoning. When people disagree, they typically argue and state their supporting point(s), or argument, for their side. An individual might present an argument in order to convince or dissuade an audience of something.

Pronunciation of Argument: Argument is pronounced are-gew-ment.

How to Use Argument in a Sentence

What does argument mean? Argument is a noun. An argument occurs when people disagree and discuss their opinions.

An argument is usually an angry or heated discussion between individuals with opposing views or points.

how to spell argumentFor example,

  • I didn’t dare interrupt them while they were in the middle of an argument about money.
  • I was worried that the argument would escalate into a physical confrontation.

An argument is also a type of reasoning or fact or statement used as evidence to demonstrate a truth or falsehood. One might present an argument as to why something should or should not occur.

For example,

  • The lawyer’s closing argument was good but not good enough to sway the jury.
  • Our teacher made a compelling argument as to why this lesson was valuable to us.

History & Etymology of Argument

According to Merriam-Webster’s, the word argument was first used in the 14th century.

Argument comes from Middle English from Anglo-French. Ultimately, it originates from Latin, argumentum, from arguere, meaning to make clear.

Synonyms for Argument

There are several synonyms for argument, but some words should only be used to replace it if the context and meaning are the same.

For argument as an angry or noisy discussion of differing views, the following words can be substituted:

  • Altercation
  • Bicker
  • Disagreement
  • Dispute
  • Quarrel
  • Misunderstanding
  • Squabble

When referring to a statement made to explain one’s side or belief, the following words can be substituted:

  • Account
  • Reason
  • Case
  • Explanation
  • Rationale

The following synonyms can be used to replace argument when the meaning is an exchange of views for the purpose of deciding an issue or exploring a particular subject:

  • Discussion
  • Argumentation
  • Consultation
  • Council
  • Debate
  • Deliberation
  • Dialogue

Finally, to refer to an idea or opinion that is presented in a discussion or debate, the following words can be substituted for argument:

  • Contention
  • Assertion
  • Thesis

Outside Examples of Argument

  • Setting aside any moral evaluations or value judgments about what either president has done or could do in the future, this argument risks communicating more about its adherent than the president. – The Washington Post
  • A former Ohio college student who fatally stabbed his friend and roommate after a drunken argument over fast food has pleaded guilty. – Daily News


Argument is a noun with a few different but closely related meanings.

In most cases, an argument is an angry or passionate discussion between people with opposing views. It may also refer to one’s belief or reason for a specific decision, action, or conclusion.