Frankenstein Character List – Characters Overview

Characters in Frankenstein – Introduction

This novel explores the consequences that Victor Frankenstein, the novel’s protagonist, faces after committing sins against nature and humanity. His unnatural creation, The Monster, is the story’s antagonist.

The vengeful relationship between the two leads to the undoing on them both. The story is told by the narrator, Robert Walton, who relays what he learns from a sick and dying Victor Frankenstein through a series of letters which he sends to his sister back in England.

Frankenstein Characters

Who are the main characters in Frankenstein?

  • Protagonist – Victor Frankenstein
  • Antagonist – The Monster
  • Narrator – Robert Walton


Frankenstein Character Traits

frankenstein characters

Victor Frankenstein

frankenstein wifeWho is Victor Frankenstein? Victor Frankenstein is the novel’s protagonist. He is doomed from the moment he begins feverishly studying chemistry to discover the secret to life. Once he puts his theories to the test and creates a new life out of mismatched body parts, he can never escape his sins. He is doomed to live a life of guilt, regret, and shame after realizing the gravity of what he has done.

The Monster

The Monster is a surprisingly sensitive, eloquent, and intelligent creation of Victor Frankenstein. He is hideous and fearsome but only truly becomes a monster after being driven mad with loneliness and isolation. His feelings of abandonment by his creator lead him to seek revenge and destroy all that Victor holds dear.

Robert Walton

all characters in frankensteinWho is Robert Walton? Robert Walton is a ship captain who intends to lead an expedition to the North Pole. When he notices the weary Victor Frankenstein traveling by dogsled, he takes him in to allow him to recover. His ship is trapped between sheets of ice and his expedition cannot go any further. As Victor recounts his amazing tales, Walton records them in a series of letters back home. 

Elizabeth Lavenza

Victor’s cousin and eventually his bride. She is the classic passive women. She waits for Victor and his attention and when she finally gets it, she is killed by The Monster. 

Henry Clerval

Victor’s university friend. He helps to nurse Victor back to health immediately after the creation of The Monster. He is cheerful and provides a nice contrast to the morose and sickly Victor. Henry is one of The Monster’s first victims. 

William Frankenstein

Victor’s brother and The Monster’s first victim. He is strangled in the woods near Geneva as revenge for Victor abandoning The Monster. 

Alphonse Frankenstein

Victor’s father. He cares for his son and suffers when Victor suffers.

Carolina Beaufort

Alphonse’s wife and daughter of a close family friend. 

Justine Moritz

The orphan taken in by the Frankenstein family who is accused and then executed for William’s murder.


A friend of Alphonse’s and Caroline’s father.


A family of peasants who The Monster tries to bond with, socially. The Monster learns to speak by initially watching them. However, when he reveals himself to them with hopes that they will accept him, they beat him and chase him off.


The chemistry professor who inspires Victor.


A philosophy professor at the university.

Mr. Kirwin

The magistrate who accuses Victor of Henry’s murder.