What Does Your Name is Mud Mean?

Your Name is Mud Meaning

Definition: Your reputation is terrible or ruined.

Origin of Your Name is Mud

This expression dates back to at least the year 1823, where it appears in John Badcock’s slang dictionary. The use of mud in this sense originally referred to someone as stupid or an idiot.

This original meaning might have come from the nature of mud, or earth. People often associate mud with dirt and lowly things. Therefore, your name is mud is like saying you are a fool and no one will trust you to do your job.

People usually say this as an insult to mean that someone is discredited.

A fun, albeit unsubstantiated, origin story of this phrase revolves around the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. After John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln, he broke his leg trying to escape the theater.

He then received medical attention from Dr. Samuel Mudd, who was later convicted of being Booth’s conspirator, and was later yet pardoned because the evidence was very shoddy. Many contemporary historians argue that he was innocent.

In any event, many people think Dr. Mudd’s soiled reputation from attending to Booth’s broken leg is where this phrase originated, but it actually predates the assassination by at least 40 years.

Examples of Your Name is Mud

where did the phrase your name is mud come fromThis example shows two college students using the idiom while discussing their illegal business.

Frank: I don’t understand. I was making so much money selling fake IDs to the other students here at this school. All of a sudden, no one wants to buy them from me anymore.

Karl: It’s because a few of the bars learned how to identify your fake IDs easily. They’ve been confiscating them and the students who used them spent the night in jail. People have been saying that your IDs are poor quality.

Frank: That’s not fair! I make good fake IDs. It’s not my fault the bars here have gotten better technology and now can tell that they are fake.

Karl: I’m not saying it’s fair. I’m just saying that your name is mud. No one will buy from you now.

your name is mud history In this example, two friends are discussing where to go on Friday night.

Lily: All of my friends are going to a party on Friday night, but no one invited me. I don’t know what’s going on.

Grace: Ruby is spreading rumors about you. She said that you forced her boyfriend to cheat on her with you.

Lily: That’s not true!

Grace: It doesn’t matter if it’s true. People believe it’s true, so your name is mud. No one will hang out with you, because if they do, Ruby will push them out of her friend group. No one wants that because she gives the best parties.

More Examples

The excerpt is about how people have lost trust in their political leader.

  • Tony Abbott’s name is mud. The Prime Minister is a liar. There is no point mincing words. We have never seen anything like it. –Sydney Morning Herald

This excerpt is about how it takes a long time build a reputation, but a short time to lose it.

  • Always do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. Screw up and your name is mud faster than you can imagine. –Business Insider


The saying your name is mud means people associate your name with something bad, so they don’t trust you.