What Does Went Off Without a Hitch Mean?

Went Off Without a Hitch Meaning

Definition: Without any problems; with perfect execution.

People use this expression to describe an endeavor that was successful and had no issues.

Origin of Went Off Without a Hitch Meaning

One of the definitions of hitch is a temporary or unexpected problem or an interruption. Examples of a hitch could include a delay, difficulty, or disruption.

Another meaning of hitch, which is possibly related, is snag. The word hitch has existed since around the 1400s. The expression without a hitch began rising in popularity in the mid-1800s.

An alternative expression that also uses hitch is, “What’s the hitch?”

Examples of Went Off Without a Hitch Meaning

went off without a hitch originIn this example, two friends are discussing a big party that one of them recently threw.

Cassie: How was that giant surprise party that you were throwing for your mom’s 50th birthday?

Rebecca: It was great! She had a lot of fun, and it seemed as if the guests did as well.

Cassie: I know you were worried about all the various dietary restrictions of the guests, and which music to play, and even whether or not enough people would show up.

Rebecca: Yeah, I was, but it turned out I had no reason to be worried. There were no problems at all. The whole thing went off without a hitch!

Cassie: I’m so glad to hear that!

what does without a hitch meanIn the dialogue below, two men are discussing the political campaign of the candidate they hope becomes governor.

Antonio: I’m glad there have been no controversies surrounding our candidate so far.

Igor: Yeah. His whole campaign hasn’t had any problems. I expected at least some accusations of impropriety or some horrible story from his past to surface, but so far, nothing!

Antonio: It’s lucky. Almost suspiciously lucky. Hopefully our opponents aren’t holding back damaging materials to release at the worst moment.

Igor: I’m sure the campaign will continue to go off without a hitch.

More Examples

This excerpt is about the best time of life to get married.

  • Most people have a target age in their head for when they want to be married — but what’s the best age to tie the knot if you want your marriage to go off without a hitch? –New York Post

This excerpt is about how someone threw up while on the red carpet at an award ceremony.

  • While Sunday night’s Emmys ceremony went off without a hitch, it didn’t go off without a hurl. –New York Daily News


The phrase without a hitch is an expression that means without any delays or difficulties.