What Does Toodle Loo Mean?

Toodle Loo Meaning

Definition: Goodbye.

This sometimes appears as toodle-oo.

Origin of Toodle Loo

The word toodle comes from toddle, which means to walk in a relaxed manner. Toddle off appeared in the late 1800s and means to walk away or to leave.

Toodle loo appeared shortly afterwards, in the early 1900s. It is unclear exactly how or why the loo got added.

Other variations are toodle-oo, tootle-oo, tooraloo, etc.

Examples of Toodle Loo

Toodle loo origin In the dialogue below, two men use the idiom after they are finished spending time together.

Robert: Well, Marty, it was great seeing you. We’ll have to get together again soon.

Marty: Absolutely! And please tell your family I say hello.

Robert: I will. All right, then. I’ll see you later.

Marty: Toodle loo!

Robert: …Wait. Did you just say toodle loo?

Marty: Um, yes. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my grandmother, so I’ve accidentally started to talk like her.

Robert: Well, that’s fine. It’s just not the way you usually talk, so I was confused.

Marty: Yeah, I don’t normally say toodle loo. I know it’s more old-fashioned.

Robert: No, I like it. Toodle loo!

Toodle loo origin The second dialogue shows two students who took their dogs to the dog park and someone that they met there.

Josh: Hey! Look at that cute girl over there. I’m going to bring my dog over there to meet her dog.

Jeff: Okay, but just try to act normal. Don’t say anything weird.

Josh: What are you talking about? I would never say anything weird.

Pauline: Hi! My name’s Pauline. That’s a cute dog you have.

Josh: Thanks! Yours is cute, too! I’m Josh.

Pauline: It’s nice to meet you. I’d love to let our dogs play a little longer, but I actually have to go home. I have another appointment to get to soon.

Josh: Oh, okay. Well, toodle loo!

Pauline: …Um, bye!

Jeff: I told you to act normal!

More Examples

This excerpt is from a skit about people’s race and gender, and how that affects what language they feel like they can use.

Jost: “I just feel like I can’t say anything and you can say everything.”

Che: “There’s things I can’t say. Like ‘toodle-loo’ or ‘skinny macchiato’ or ‘Thank you for your help, officer.'” –Chicago Tribune

This excerpt is from a movie review. The main character seems sweet because she uses a cute way of saying goodbye, but she actually is a killer.

  • That’s the high-concept hook behind Katie Holmes’s newest star vehicle, Miss Meadows, in which she plays a primly-dressed, practically perfect small-town schoolteacher who says sugary things like “toodle-loo” without a trace of irony. –Yahoo


The expression toodle loo is a less common thing to say when wishing someone farewell.