What Does The Fix Is In Mean?

The Fix is in Meaning

Definition: The event has been rigged.

People use this when something such as a race or other sporting event, or even a judicial case, has a process in place to ensure a certain winner. It means the event is no longer fair, and the person who rigged the event will determine the winner.

Origin of The Fix is in

This expression developed from the use of fix in the 1920s. One of its definitions at that time was to bribe, extort, or otherwise ensure that police charges would be dropped. By the 1940s, fix could also mean bribing key players (or doing some other illegal activity) to ensure a certain winner of a game, race, or fight.

The portion of the expression is in simply means has occurred. It shows that the bribe (or other way of cheating) is in place and ready.

This idiom is common in gambling.

Examples of The Fix is in

define fix is in Two friends are discussing a bet they made.

Dan: Kira, do you remember how we made that bet with Tom and Ben last night, after we had been drinking?

Kira: Sure. We said that you and I could eat more pizza slices than they could.

Dan: Yeah. Well, I’m worried we’ll lose. I can’t afford to lose $100 right now.

Kira: Don’t worry. The fix is in. I ordered jalapeno pizza. We love spicy food, but they hate it.

define fix is in The following example involves two women discussing the governmental elections in their state.

Gertrude: I can’t believe that candidate is winning! I thought she had no support.

Ruby: That’s what everybody thought. There was a news report last night claiming that the candidate received a text saying, “The fix is in.” Now people think that she and her campaign rigged the election.

Gertrude: How horrible!

More Examples

This excerpt is about a football team moving from one location to another.

  • “It’s just horrible. It’s like getting punched in the stomach really hard,” said Jack Stapleton, 59. “You know you hear rumblings that the fix is in and you just don’t want to believe it.” –LA Times

This excerpt is about the cost of renting in New York City.

  • Despite the charade of public hearings, the fix is in: The board isn’t even considering doing what’s needed and raising rents commensurate with rising maintenance costs. –New York Post


The phrase the fix is in is an expression usually found in gambling that means we have finished rigging the outcome of the event.