What Does a Smoke and a Pancake Mean?

Smoke and a Pancake Meaning

Definition: Smoking marijuana and then eating pancakes.

Origin of Smoke and a Pancake

This expression comes from the 2002 movie Austin Powers: Goldmember.

In the movie, Goldmember asks Austin Powers if he would like to have a “smoke and a pancake.” Confused by the question, Powers asks for clarification. Goldmember then lists off a number of similar pairings, including,

  • Flapjack and a cigarette
  • Cigar and a waffle.
  • Pipe and a crepe.
  • Bong and a blintz.

The phrase plays on the stereotype that Dutch people smoke and then snack on something sweet. There is no deeper meaning to the phrase.

A similar term is simply “the munchies.”

Examples of Smoke and a Pancake

schmoke and a pancake In the example below, a husband is telling his wife about his current plans.

Kip: Ugh! I’m so glad to be home from work!

Caroline: Busy day?

Kip: Busy and terrible. I’m looking forward to forgetting all about it.

Caroline: Do you want some dinner?

Kip: I’m going to have a smoke and a pancake. Care to join me?

Caroline: No thanks. You know I don’t smoke. And I don’t want pancakes for dinner.

Kip: I’m just kidding. I’m quoting Austin Powers.

Caroline: I’ve never seen it.

a smoke and a pancake quote The next example involves two friends who are studying for an exam.

Brian: I’m pretty stressed about this exam.

Raj: I know what will help! Let’s have a smoke and a pancake!

Brian: What do you mean?

Raj: I mean we should smoke a bit. It will help you relax. And then you’ll probably be hungry, so we can eat some pancakes.

Brian: Oh, I see. That’s okay. I think I’m just going to go to bed. I’m exhausted.

Raj: Well, what about a joint and a flapjack?

Brian: That’s the same thing but with synonyms. I remember it from that Austin Powers movie.

Raj: Oh, I didn’t think you would have seen that before.

Brian: I barely remember it, but I did see it.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a drink named after the movie quote.

  • People lined up for different samples, including house brewed favorites from the Whetstone Station in Brattleboro, such as a drink called the Smoke and a Pancake, inspired by a Austin Powers movie, as well as the restaurant’s flagship beer, the Whetstoner. –Brattleboro Reformer

This is an excerpt from a film review. It also references the movie quote.

  • Back on the island, his path crosses with that of former co-star/lover Patricia Deville (The Babadook’s brilliant Essie Davis), now a TV journalist and partner of Thorncroft’s one-time stuntman Clive Parnevik (Farnaby sporting short shorts, bare chest and an Austin Powers-style “smoke-and-a-pancake” Dutch accent.) –The Guardian


The phrase a smoke and a pancake is a line from a movie that is joking about smoking an illegal substance and then snacking on something sweet afterwards.