What Does Rise and Shine Mean?

Rise and Shine Meaning

Definition: Wake up and get ready.

Origin of Rise and Shine

A similar expression appears in the Bible, in Isaiah 60:1:

Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

In the Bible, the verse is referring to Zion. The city should revive itself in the light of the Lord.

However, this expression became popular as a way to say wake up because of the American military. Military leaders called out to soldiers to wake up using this expression. In this case, rise means to wake up. Some sources speculate that shine means to clean one’s boots or to act lively despite wanting to stay in bed.

Nowadays, many parents enjoy using this expression as a cheerful way to wake up their children.

Examples of Rise and Shine

good morning rise and shine The first dialogue shows a brother and sister who are supposed to get up for an early flight.

Luke: Ella, are you awake? It’s already five in the morning. We have to leave in half an hour.

Ella: (snores)

Luke: Ella! You were supposed to wake up an hour ago. I’m coming into your room. Wake up, Ella. Rise and shine!

Ella: Go away! I’m sleeping!

Luke: I know, but it’s time to get up! We’re running late!

rise and shine quotes The second example shows two friends at a movie in the theater.

Ray: Wow! That movie was so profound. It might be the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen. What did you think, Ricardo?

Ricardo: (silence)

Ray: Ricardo, are you sleeping! Wake up! Hey, Ricardo! Rise and shine, buddy! The movie’s over!

Ricardo: Sorry! I didn’t mean to fall asleep.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a political election and the speech one politician gives.

  • “Rise and shine, everybody,” Cedillo told the crowd, before making a joke about politicians’ long speeches. –LA Times

This excerpt is about an astronaut who woke up for the last time before returning to earth.

  • “Rise and shine! My last sunrise from space and then I gotta go!” Kelly tweeted Tuesday morning along with a gorgeous five-photo sequence of the sun coming up. –New York Daily News


The phrase rise and shine is a way to tell someone to get up and prepare for the day.