What is Quality Time?

Quality Time Meaning

Definition: To be together with someone and focus on enjoying the time together immensely.

Quality time means that the people who are together are making an effort to deepen or improve their relationship.

Origin of Quality Time

This expression is often contrasted with quantity time. The idea is that it is more important to spend enjoyable time with a person than to spend a lot of time with that person. This expression first appeared around the 1970s.

Examples of Quality Time

meaning of quality time definitionA woman asks her friend to spend some time together in the below conversation.

Kira: Hey, do you want to see a movie tonight?

Dan: No, sorry. I’d like to, but I’m too busy.

Kira: You’re always busy these days.

Dan: I know. It’s my job. I’m almost never free.

Kira: Well, if we can’t spend quantity time together, let’s spend some quality time together. You choose the time and the place, and we’ll fit as much into the time as we possibly can.

Dan: Okay. Sure. I’ll let you know once I find out my schedule.

Kira: Perfect!

definition of quality timeThe following example involves two women talking about their family.

Gertrude: How have you been?

Ruby: Not great. My daughters are so busy lately that they’re never home.

Gertrude: I’m sure it’s just temporary. Don’t worry. Sometimes I don’t see my family for weeks, but we always make time for each other in the end.

Ruby: You’re probably right. It’s still hard, though.

Gertrude: Anyway, quality time is better than quantity time! Just make sure that the time you do spend with them is special!

Ruby: Yeah, I try to.

More Examples

This newspaper uses the expression to share a wish that everyone has an enjoyable Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas. Hopefully you’re enjoying your holiday to the tune of quality time spent with loved ones, a good meal or two and a stocking full of whatever you earned by being a good boy or girl this year. –USA Today

This example talks about good ideas for spending time with a romantic partner.

  • And if your idea of romance means spending some quality time outside of the room, hit up one of the five on-site restaurants, the ski lift, hot tub or year-round heated pool, which is perfect for decompressing after a day on the slopes.  –USA Today


The term quality time is when family or friends hang out together and emphasize improving their relationship.