What Does No Bones About It Mean?

Definition: Without any doubt; with no objections.

Origin of No Bones About It

This expression comes from undesirable bones found in soup or other types of food.

Originally, this expression was to find bones in, and it meant to find problems with or to find objections to. If you found no bones in your soup or meal, you had no objections to it.

The origin of this expression is 15th-century England.

Examples of No Bones About It

meaning of make no bones about it In the first example, two employees are talking together on their lunch break.

Marcus: They are refusing to give me a raise this year. It’s supposed to be included in my contract.

Patsy: Yeah. They did the same thing to me, but there’s nothing I can do.

Marcus: Why do you say that? I’m going to quit!

Patsy: Are you sure? I wish I could quit, but I really need this job, raise or no raise.

Marcus: Of course I’m sure! Regardless of how much I need this job, I can’t allow them to disrespect me like that, make no bones about it!

Patsy: I admire you for that attitude!

what does make no bones about it mean In the second example, a brother is trying to convince his sister that their house has a rodent infestation.

Samson: Angela, we need to call the exterminator. There are mice living in the house!

Angela: I don’t believe you.

Samson: I’m certain that this is true. I have seen mice many times, I can hear them in the walls, and I see their droppings all over the floor.

Angela: Well, maybe they’ll go away on their own.

Samson: We can’t just ignore this problem. Mice can spread disease, they can damage the house, and they smell bad too. And make no bones about it; if we don’t do anything to stop this problem now, it will only get worse.

Angela: Okay. Do what you have to do. I won’t stop you.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a lawyer expression his certainty that his client didn’t purposefully murder someone.

  • “Mr. Parkerson killed Ms. Reyes as a result of an accident,” Nakada said. “Make no bones about it, the prosecution wants more. But you can’t get more unless you prove more.” –OC Register

This excerpt is a quote from someone who wants to emphasize the pressure she felt.

  • “Make no bones about it, there were pressures,” Max said. “My philosophy is to first and foremost be a woman of faith, a woman of integrity, a woman of honesty. And if I run my life and my programs around that, I’m sure not to fail.” –OC Register


The idiom no bones about it means that something is certainly true, beyond any doubts, despite it being unpleasant.