What Does Lovebirds Mean?

Lovebirds Meaning

Definition: Two people who are very much in love.

Origin of Lovebirds

This expression developed from nine species of African parrots that are also called lovebirds. Lovebird mates are often considered to act particularly loving towards each other and like to stay close together.

It isn’t clear when this term first started being used to describe humans. Some sources put it as far back as the 1600s, but it was at least since the early 1800s.

In his novel Bleak House, Charles Dickens used the phrase,

  • Guppy, going to the window tumbles into a pair of love-birds, to whom he says in his confusion, ‘I beg your pardon, I am sure.

Examples of Love Birds

you two love birdsIn this dialogue, a sister uses the idiom to refer to her brother, who has a new girlfriend.

Maria: Hey! You missed soccer practice today and yesterday’s practice. What’s going on?

Franco: Oh, actually, I wasn’t going to tell you yet because it’s still quite new, but I’ve started seeing someone.

Maria: You’re dating someone?

Franco: Yeah. It’s not serious yet, and I’m only telling you because I didn’t want you to think I was skipping practice for no reason.

Maria: I understand. I won’t make a big deal about you two lovebirds!

Franco: I shouldn’t have told you. Forget it.

another word for lovebirdsThe second example shows two university students using the expression to discuss their professor.

Lorenzo: My test grade was incredibly low. I think it was unfairly graded. Our professor has no heart.

Alba: Well, he must have a heart.

Lorenzo: Why do you say that?

Alba: I saw him at a cafe the other day. He must have been on a date with someone. They looked like lovebirds!

Lorenzo: I’m shocked. He seems like a robotic in class.

Alba: Maybe that’s just how he acts in class; he tries to be professional. Let me take a look at your test. I might be able to figure out why you got the grade that you did.

More Examples

This article excerpt is about the benefits of small weddings, and it uses the idiom to describe the newlyweds.

  • Couples and their guests all receive PinePerks.com discounts on overnight stay, restaurant & bar, clothing and gifts and more. Everything with pre-arranged discounts and deals for the love-birds to quickly plan their local honeymoon and out-a-towners visiting the area. –Chicago Tribune

Our next articles excerpt uses the expression with the prefix ex to describe a couple that is no longer in love. However, they are not fighting and have just sold a house.

  • Not only have the ex-love birds made peace, they’re making a fortune. –New York Post


The phrase love birds is a way to describe a couple in love.