What Does Love Is Blind Mean?

Love is Blind Meaning

Definition: People in love can’t see the problems or imperfections that their partners have.

Origin of Love is Blind

The first instance of this phrase in English was around the year 1401, in Merchant’s Tale by the English author Geoffrey Chaucer.

It had been used for centuries by other thinkers and writers, including Plato and Plautus.

However, it became a household phrase after the English playwright William Shakespeare used it in several of his plays, including Two Gentlemen of Verona, Henry V and The Merchant Of Venice.

Examples of Love is Blind

love is blind definition In the following example, two friends are discussing a couple they both know.

Kerry: Did you hear that Miranda is dating Gavin?

Christine: Yeah, I was shocked!

Kerry: Miranda is so gorgeous. She could be a supermodel if she wanted to.

Christine: Yeah, I don’t know why she’s dating Gavin. He’s not attractive at all.

Kerry: Maybe he has a lot of money.

Christine: I don’t think so. I think he’s unemployed.

Kerry: Huh. Well, I guess love is blind.

why is love blind meaning In this dialogue, two friends are eating at a restaurant when they see a couple at another table.

Arlena: Look at that couple over there.

Nyima: Which one?

Arlena: It’s the one by the window. Do you see them? The man looks like a business executive, and he’s wearing an expensive suit and watch. The woman is dressed like a Goth and is wearing torn tights and all black. Even her lipstick is black.

Nyima: Oh, yeah. I see them. What about them?

Arlena: I just thought they were such an unusual couple.

Nyima: Why?

Arlena: Their styles are so different. He looks so professional, and she looks like she should still be in high school.

Nyima: I don’t think she’s much younger than him actually. Anyway, love is blind. I think it’s sweet that two people who seem so different on the outside can look past that to find love together.

Arlena: Yeah. I guess that’s true.

More Examples

This excerpt is from a movie review. The character’s mother still loves her son even though he kills people.

  • The acting is first-rate. Catherine Scorsese (the director’s mother) provides much-needed comic relief as DeVito’s mother, who proves maternal love is blind by serving him dinner after a rubout. –New York Daily News

This excerpt is about two people who love each other despite a large age difference.

  • Love is blind or maybe it’s just glaucoma. The real-life “Harold and Maude” relationship of Gary and Almeda Hardwick continues as they enjoy their first year of marriage together, their ages respectively 18 and 71. –New York Daily News


The phrase love is blind means that two people don’t love each other based just on appearances or other external factors.