What Does Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze Mean?

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze Meaning

Definition: Is the end result worth the process to achieve it?

Origin of Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze

The idea behind this expression is that to make juice you must squeeze the fruit. This is especially common for orange juice.

However, because making fresh orange juice is somewhat labor intensive, the person must decide if the delicious juice is worth all the work.

The idiom appears to have originated around the mid-1900s. A more common variation is the simpler version Is it worth it?

Examples of Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze

the juice is worth the squeeze Here is an example that involves two college students discussing whether or not they will actually use their college degree.

Robin: I think maybe going to university was a mistake. My parents both graduated from college, but they got jobs where they never use their degree. I think maybe this is all a waste of time.

Harry: I completely disagree! I think that a bachelor’s degree will help me find a good job in a field I’m interested in.

Robin: Yeah, you’re right. But is the juice worth the squeeze? Think of all the hard work you’ll have to do here, at school, for free. Wouldn’t it be better to just get a good paying job right now?

Harry: It’s worth it to me. I couldn’t get a job in the field I like without the degree. It might not be worth it to everyone though.

the juice was worth the squeeze In this dialogue, two coworkers are discussing the weight loss competition that their company is taking part in.

Mal: I’m sick of dieting. I’m going to drop out of the competition.

Xiomara: You can’t do that! If you do it will hurt our collective score.

Mal: You should drop out, too! Think about it. We’re healthy enough. And think of all the delicious food that we are missing out on. Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Xiomara: I don’t like dieting either, but I do think it’s worth it. Once I’ve lost my extra weight, it will be easier to keep it off.

Outside Example

This quote is from a man who believes recruiting women to a school with harsh physical requirements will be a waste of money.

“I do know that there are more females out there who are capable of attending this school,” Smith said. “There is no doubt in my mind about that. But the question becomes ‘Is the juice worth the squeeze?’ The Army has spent thousands and thousands of dollars to send students to a school that has a graduation rate of 48 percent.” –Columbus Ledger-Enquirer


The saying is the juice worth the squeeze is a question people ask when they wonder if all the hard work is worth the reward at the end.