What Does I Should Be So Lucky Mean?

I Should Be So Lucky Meaning

Definition: I wish I were lucky enough for what you said to be true, but I’m not.

A shorter version of this would be the emphatic statement I wish! People can also use this idiom to express how unlikely a given scenario would be. It can also be used sarcastically.

Origin of I Should Be So Lucky

The exact origin of this expression is unclear. However, several sources point to the Yiddish language as the most likely probability. There are many Yiddish expressions that have become a standard part of American English.

It is possible that this and other Yiddish expressions started becoming more common in American English when more Jewish immigrants were coming to the U.S. due to persecution in Europe.

Examples of I Should Be So Lucky

kylie minogue i should be so lucky In this conversation, a mother and daughter are talking about an award that the daughter’s school will give to the top student.

Daughter: My school is going to offer a full college scholarship to the best student in my class.

Mother: Really? That’s very exciting! A full scholarship would help you to afford school. As you know, your father and I have been struggling to save enough money for the college of your choice. Maybe you’ll win the award!

Daughter: I should be so lucky!

Mother: Don’t be so negative! You have great grades, you’re involved in many extracurricular activities, and you do a lot of volunteer work! You’re a perfect candidate for that award.

Daugher: I still don’t think I’ll get it.

you should be so lucky In this example, two coworkers are discussing rumors about their boss.

Dave: Did you hear about the boss?

Ben: No. What’s happening?

Dave: I heard that my department is going to keep him, and that your department is going to get a new boss.

Ben: I should be so lucky!

Dave: You doubt that it will happen?

Ben: I think our boss would die before losing any power by giving up my department. He’s the worst.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an article about how Milwaukee is a bad city for startups.

  • That’s quite a lot of “if’s”, and “maybes” and didn’t appeal to me but my contact at Brightstar was perplexed as to why I didn’t want to do it; as far as he was concerned they were doing me a favor and I should be so lucky. –Journel Sentinel

This excerpt is from an article on how to help people with low incomes.

  • Some advocates have even warned of the impending gentrification of skid row. In this case, we should be so lucky. Rather than pushing out the city’s most vulnerable residents, building market-rate housing on skid row could be an important step toward securing those residents the help they need while simultaneously combating our city’s growing housing crisis. –LA Times


I should be so lucky is another way to say I’ll never be that lucky.