What Does I Figured As Much Mean?

I Figured As Much Meaning

Definition: I thought so.

People often use this phrase when their prediction is confirmed.

Origin of I Figured As Much

Ultimately, the origin of this phrase is unknown.

One of the definitions of as much is the same. Figured is also an informal way to say thought, concluded, or had the opinion. Therefore, this expression is fairly literal.

It means, “What I thought is the same as what really happened.” This meaning of figure can also be seen in the expression to figure something out.

Other meanings of figure include working out a mathematical equation and to picture in one’s mind. It is possible that one or both of these definitions played a role in the formation of this idiom. However, there is no clear evidence showing this.

Sometimes people use a shortened form of this idiom, which is simply I figured.

Examples of I Figured As Much

i figured meaningHere is an example in which two roommates are discussing some unusual occurrences around the house.

Mario: Listen, Axel, I know you’ve been stealing my food, and it has to stop.

Axel: Why do you think that?

Mario: I noticed that you’ve been tearing little holes in my bags and boxes of food and stealing small amounts at a time.

Axel: You must be joking. We have mice. They are the ones stealing your food. Didn’t you also notice the mouse droppings and the mousetraps that I hid around the kitchen?

Mario: Oh…haha. Of course I did. I figured as much.

Axel: I can tell you’re lying. You really thought that I did that. I’m disappointed you think I would do something like that.

define figuresIn this example, two college students are discussing a recent change in appearance.

Roger: Hey! Did you get a haircut?

Noel: I did actually!

Roger: I figured as much. I saw that you looked different!

More Examples

This excerpt is about a talented university basketball player who is choosing to continue playing for his school, rather than professionally.

  • Admit it, you figured as much, too. All of us did. Freshmen this gifted don’t say no to the NBA – and to millions of dollars – to come back to class. –Detroit Free Press

The second example is from an article about whether a group violated the first amendment.

  • “We probably figured as much that it’d go this way,” Byers said, after he was told the injunction stood. “My personal opinion is that policy lasted a good, long time. It’s time to go to the next thing.” –Journal and Courier


The expression I figured as much is another way to say That’s what I thought was the case.