What Does Hot off the Press Mean?

Hot of the Press Meaning

Definition: News that was just printed; new and exciting information.

Origin of Hot off the Press

This expression comes from the early 1900s and originated from newspaper printing.

The printing presses used in producing newspapers were very large and operated at a high temperature. Just as a copy or printed page is warm coming off a laser jet printer, the “news” coming off of these printers was literally hot.

In other words, if you had news hot off the press, it was breaking news that no one had yet read.

Examples of Hot off the Press

meaning of hot off the pressIn this example, two friends are talking about a new hobby one of the men just started.

Neha: Hey, Tyrese. How’s it going?

Tyrese: It’s going great! It’s always been my dream to be a writer, but I could never find a job that involved writing. I finally decided to start my own newsletter.

Neha: Really? That’s awesome!

Tyrese: Yeah!

Neha: What’s it about?

Tyrese: It’s just about local events and happenings. Would you like to read my first copy? It’s hot off the press!

Neha: Of course!

define hot off the pressesIn this example, two office workers are discussing a new development.

Barry: Did you hear the news?

Rachel: No, what happened?

Barry: The company is going to open up a new office in Costa Rica! Doesn’t that sound amazing? They’re hoping to transfer some of the current employees there temporarily to help the new office get started.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Barry: Yeah! And the earlier we apply, the more likely they are to choose us.

Rachel: Does everyone know about this?

Barry: Only a few people. This information is hot off the press!

More Examples

This excerpt uses the expression to describe a newly released movie trailer.

  • With the new Jason Bourne trailer hot off the press, we figured we’d kick off our Friday with a little car chase. –New York Daily News

This excerpt is from an interview about 3-D printed candy. In this case, the candy is fresh from the 3-D printer.

Q: I noticed the texture is a little like French jelly candy?

A: You can experience what a candy factory is like, which most customers can’t. Which is getting a gummy hot off the press. It’s totally fresh right from the start, with softer gummys. If you like harder gummys, you can always refrigerate it. –Chicago Tribune


The expression hot off the press refers to information that is very recent and exciting, especially something that the newspapers just printed.