What Does Here’s Mud in Your Eye Mean?

Here’s Mud in Your Eye Meaning

Definition: Cheers; Bottoms up!

People use this expression when giving a toast. It is a signal to drink your alcohol as the toast concludes.

Origin of Here’s Mud in Your Eye

This expression is more common in British English than in American English. It is informal and originated around the 1930s.

The exact source of this expression is unclear. Some people speculate it relates to mud from the trenches in World War 1. Because the soldiers had to dig, live, and fight in these trenches in the earth, they would get very muddy.

Others point to the Bible as the source, as Jesus heals a blind man with mud. He smears mud over the eyes of the blind man. When the man opens his eyes again, he can see. This theory could make sense as people often toast to good health.

However, there is no good evidence for either theory.

Examples of Here’s Mud in Your Eye

mud in your eye origin In the dialogue below, two men use the idiom while at the local pub.

Robert: Hey! You’ll never guess what happened to me today!

Marty: Tell me!

Robert: Well, my boss retired, and her boss decided I was the best man to take her job. I’ve been offered a pretty significant promotion!

Marty: Jolly good, my friend! We should have a toast to your promotion!

Robert: That sounds good to me.

Marty: Raise your glass. May your new job bring you peace and prosperity! Here’s mud in your eye!

Robert: Cheers, mate!

here is mud in your eye The second dialogue shows two students who are talking about an exciting life event.

Josh: I did it! I proposed to Ashley, and she said yes!

Jeff: That’s splendid, mate! Here, have a beer. May the two of you lead long, happy live. Here’s mud in your eye!

Josh: Cheers!

More Examples

This excerpt is about a horse race, and it uses the expression in a play on words, due to the fact that the weather was wet and the race track was quite muddy.

  • Exaggerator not only cruised to a 3½-length victory, but Kent Desormeaux said he allowed his horse to drift out down the stretch just to give Nyquist the old here’s-mud-in-your-eye. –USA Today

This article title is also a play on words. It wishes good luck to racers who compete in mud competitions, races through obstacle courses involving heaps of mud.

  • To adventure racers, here’s mud in your eye –Boston Globe


The phrase here’s mud in your eye is something people say as a signal to take a drink.