What Does Flush with Cash Mean?

Flush with Cash Meaning

Definition: Having lots of money.

Origin of Flush with Cash

The adjective flush can mean plentiful or abundant. Therefore, the meaning is literal. This definition originated in the 1500s. People used cash or other terms for money frequently as examples of something a person could be flush with since at least the 1600s.

People can use this for a person who is rich either long term, or just temporarily.

Examples of Flush with Cash

flushed with cash meaning –In the example below, a husband tells his wife some good news.

Kip: Guess what!?

Caroline: What?

Kip: My boss gave everyone a Christmas bonus! I know we’ve been working so hard to save money, and that we should put this extra money into our savings account. However, since we’re flush with cash for the first time in months, I thought we could use a little bit of it to celebrate.

Caroline: That sounds great! Let’s go out and have a fancy dinner! We’ll spend splurge on one night out, and then be frugal with the rest of the bonus money.

jean ralphio flush with cash The next example involves two friends who are discussing the strange behavior of their friend, Roger.

Brian: What’s up with Roger? He has been acting so strangely lately.

Raj: I’m not sure. I think he might be gambling though.

Brian: Really? Why?

Raj: Well, he had no money at all for a long time. Remember how he was only eating ramen noodles? And then, last night, all of a sudden he was flush with cash. I saw him holding a few hundred dollars in his hand, and he was spending it freely on alcohol and other non-essential items.

Brian: You might be right.

More Examples

This example is about a professional basketball team and what they will do with all their extra money.

  • With the Nets flush with cash, shrewd agents will try to use them to get better deals for their clients. –New York Post

This excerpt is talking about toll roads in Orange County. Residents of this county are relatively wealthy and are willing to pay extra for faster roads.

  • We’re busy. And hurried. And pretty flush with cash. So Orange County’s toll roads are a hot business. –OC Register


The phrase flush with cash means to have abundant wealth. It can be for someone who is rich all of the time or someone who unexpectedly and temporarily had an influx of cash.