What Does Easy On The Eyes Mean?

Easy on the Eyes Meaning

Definition: Attractive.

Origin of Easy on the Eyes

This idiom originated around the year 1900. People typically use it to describe a person who is beautiful or handsome. The idea behind this expression is that someone who is attractive is easy to look at. Conversely, something that is ugly is hard to look at.

This certainly seems true, as people enjoy looking at beautiful things for a long time, such as a scenic view. Alternatively, a bloody wound often makes people turn away.

This idiom’s connotation is that the person is sexually attractive, so be careful not to use this to describe someone who it would inappropriate to call sexy. For example, even though this is a fairly mild expression, you shouldn’t say this about a co-worker, or someone under the age of 18.

Occasionally, people use this expression to describe monitors or screens that have light settings that don’t stress your eyes.

Examples of Easy on the Eyes

easy on the eyes in a sentenceHere is an example in which two roommates are discussing a neighbor.

Mario: Did you see that someone finally bought the house next door to ours?

Axel: Yeah, I saw a woman was moving in. I introduced myself to her. She seems nice.

Mario: Nice? She’s beautiful!

Axel: She’s certainly easy on the eyes.

easy on the eyes idiomIn this example, two college students are deciding which movie to go see.

Roger: Let’s go see an action film.

Noel: Nah, I find action films boring.

Roger: Are you sure? This one has your favorite actor in it.

Noel: Really? In that case, sure! Let’s see the movie. He’s so easy on the eyes. I’d never pass up a chance to see him.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an article about a man who used to work in marketing but now works in the film industry.

  • A band or DJ plays every night on the small stage, drink specials are kind to the wallet, the bartenders are easy on the eyes. –Denver Post

The second excerpt is from a movie review.

  • The good news: an appealing cast that’s easy on the eyes. The bad news: a half-baked script that leaves us wanting more. In short, “Almost Christmas” is a serviceable thought not an inspired film. –OC Register


The phrase easy on the eyes is another way to say beautiful or handsome, and typically it has a sexual implication.