What Does Cool Your Jets Mean?

Cool Your Jets Meaning

Definition: Calm down.

Origin of Cool Your Jets

If a person feels agitated or angry, people might say that the person feels heated. For this reason, cool down is a common thing to say to someone in this state.

Cool down predates cool your jets. Cool down first appeared as a slang term in America around the year 1950. Other similar expressions are to keep one’s cool, to lose/blow one’s cool, and, of course, cool your jets.

A person can use cool your jets to try to calm down someone who is upset, or merely excited and enthusiastic. If the person is in a good mood and eager to do something, then this expression has the connotation of slow down or wait a minute.

It likely comes from the literal practice of cooling jets. After a flight, a jet’s engines are hot from use and literally need to cool down.

To cool your jets appeared around the 1970s.

Examples of Cool Your Jets

baby cool your jets In this conversation, a mother and daughter are talking about a new extracurricular activity that the daughter wants to join.

Daughter: Mom, guess what? I just tried out for the cheerleading squad and I made the team! I need a few hundred dollars to buy the required uniform and get some other equipment. Let’s go shopping right now!

Mother: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cool your jets! You didn’t even ask me for permission. You can’t just take on a new responsibility like this all of a sudden without thinking about it first.

cool the jets phrase In this example, two coworkers are upset because of a problem in the workplace.

Dave: Did you hear that Robbie stole my coffee mug? I asked him if he took it, and he lied right to my face! He was drinking out of it when he told me he didn’t have it.

Ben: Ugh. He’s such a jerk. Oh well, there’s nothing you can do about it except for ignore him.

Dave: No, actually, there is something I can do. I can go punch him right in his stupid face!

Ben: Whoa! Cool your jets! You need to calm yourself down before you get fired. Stealing a mug is annoying, but violence in the workplace is much worse.

More Examples

This excerpt is about an upcoming on-screen kiss between two characters on a television drama. The writer is telling fans to calm down, because the character won’t be kissing the man who most people want him to kiss.

  • The kiss is not with anyone you’ve met previously “Gossip Girl” (anyone who was dying to see him kiss co-star Chace Crawford, cool your jets!). –New York Daily News

This quote is from a man who was excited about an athlete’s prospects, but didn’t want to be too eager too quickly.

  • “There were guys who watched him play in high school, and they couldn’t see it. I’ve also scouted long enough to know that there were players I just missed. So the scout in me is saying, ‘Hey, I think this is real,’ but the dad in me is saying, ‘Hey, cool your jets, we’ll see what happens.’ ” –LA Times


The phrase cool your jets means slow down or stop being upset.