What Does Collaborate With Mean?

Collaborate With Meaning

Definition: To work together with someone on a common task.

When people work together, they are collaborating with each other. Any group of two or more people collaborates together in order to accomplish something. A collaboration is a task completed by multiple people working together.

In most cases, people collaborate with each other willingly on a project that they all want to be a part of. It is rare for the word collaborate to be used to describe a situation in which people are forced to work together.

Origin of To Collaborate With

meaning of collaborate withThe word collaborate comes from Latin roots. Words beginning with the prefix col- mean together, so the word implies people doing something together.

The root word laborare, also from Latin, gives us many of the English words used to talk about careers and work. In fact, the word labor comes from this root word.

Putting the two Latin parts of this word together, the word itself means to work together.

Examples of To Collaborate With

define collaborate withCollaborate is used in schools, in the working world, and when discussing fun projects. It is common to see people promote collaborations with or between groups as a positive and exciting thing.

For example, people might collaborate with each other to create an art show. This implies that they are creating art to be displayed at the show.

People might collaborate with each other on a project or essay, contributing equally to the finished product.

Oftentimes, companies release a product that is a collaboration between two groups of people. For example, if one company creates makeup pigments and another designs the packaging they go inside, the final product sold in stores would be described as a collaboration between the two companies.

More Examples

  • The opportunity to meet and collaborate with women from various backgrounds and industries has been incredible. – New York Post
  • Mattis says U.S. is not in a position to collaborate with Russian military. – Washington Post


To collaborate with is to share skills and ideas and work together.