What Does Clear Something for Publication Mean?

Clear Something for Publication Meaning

Definition: Approve something to be distributed or displayed publicly. 

Origin of Clear Something for Publication

One of the definitions of clear is to give official approval. In this expression, an editor, publisher, or government can give official permission for something that is ready to be published.

The expression originated in the 1900s. It is unclear who used this expression first.

Examples of Clear Something for Publication

Meaning of clear for publication In this example, two college students are trying to finalize an article they are writing for the university newspaper.

Frank: Okay, I think this transcript of our interview is all finished. I’m glad we got to interview the professor who was voted the most popular.

Karl: Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Also, I made all the edits that they asked us to. I think the article is clear and engaging.

Frank: Great. Then I’ll submit it to the editor again.

Karl: I hope it will be cleared for publication in tomorrow’s edition.

define clear something upIn this example, two friends are creating an advertisement to promote the new business that they are opening.

Lily: Nice work on this ad! Did you do it all by yourself?

Grace: Yep! And I had a lot of fun making it. I already proofread it, but you should check it too. I want to make sure there aren’t any typos.

Lily: I already checked it, and it looks great. I officially clear this for publication! Go ahead and send it to the printer.

More Examples

In the excerpt below, the author writes about a report that says a nation’s power grid is vulnerable to an attack. Most of the report was approved to be released.

  • In August 2010, the NRC requested an updated classification, and in August 2012, all but a few pages of the report were cleared for publication. –USA Today

This excerpt is about information that was publically released. Some people are worried that it was a bad idea to share that information for national security reasons.   

  • Most sensitive material is cleared for publication after 30 years, although some remains under wraps even longer. “If everything comes out of intimate forums in two, three years, this changes the game rules dramatically,” Shalom said. –LA Times

Grammar and Usage

Clear is a verb in this expression. Therefore, it can be conjugated to match the correct tense. The past tense form and the past participle form are both cleared.

Past tense example: The editor cleared this chapter for publication.

Past participle example: Has this already been cleared for publication?


To clear something for publication means to decide that something is ready to be printed or put online for public viewing.