What Does To Check with Someone Mean?

To Check With Someone Meaning

Definition: To verify something with someone; to ask for permission before doing something.

The phrase check with someone means to verify something. If someone needs to check with someone, he will usually do this prior to taking action. Checking with someone may also be used to refer to asking for permission to do something.

Ways to Use To Check with Someone about Something

This phrase can be used in two different ways, although both meanings are very similar.

The first meaning is to verify something before taking action. If Katrina wants to make dinner plans with Lucy and Isaac for Saturday night, she may have to check with her husband to make sure he’s not working, so he can attend, too.

The second meaning is to ask for permission to do something. If Isabella wants to go to the football game on Friday, she’ll have to check with her mom first to make sure it’s okay.

Examples of To Check with Someone about Something

Please check with meaningChecking with someone about something usually implies that the person doing the verifying must do so before he or she can take action.

This sample conversation between two coworkers demonstrates how this phrase is used in the context of verification.

Debra: Am I okay to log this invoice?

Peter: I’m not sure. I think that client still owes us a fee. Let me check with the boss.

Define check with you Another conversation between two teammates on the baseball team shows how this phrase is used when asking for permission.

Daniel: I’m not sure if I can go to practice today. My ankle really hurts.

Bradley: I’d check with the coach first. He might get mad if you don’t show up.

More Examples

  • The ship’s head chef, after learning that Mr. Rodriguez, too, was a chef, would check with him to make sure the food was up to his standards. – NY Times
  • But Pater’s attorney, Adam Merrill, told the judge she doesn’t own property but would check with her parents to see if they would post their South Carolina residence for the bond. – Chicago Tribune


The English phrase to check with someone means to verify something or to ask permission before doing something.