What Does Check That Mean?

Check That Meaning

Definition: Cancel or forget that.

The phrase check that means to cancel or forget what someone said or did. It is most commonly used to refer to someone’s most recent claim or action.

This phrase has the same meaning as similar phrases in English, notably scratch that. This use of check that should not be confused another use of the phrase, which is to reexamine something.

For example,

  • Can you check that for me?

In this example, check that means to take a look at or reexamine.

Ways to Use Check That

Define checking thatThe exact etymology of this phrase is unclear. As mentioned above, there is one additional instance where you might find the words check that placed next to each other.

For example, if Zayn tells his boss that he is having trouble accessing the Internet on his computer, his boss may tell him to check that his wireless receiver is turned on.

This use carries a different meaning altogether, as the meaning relevant to this article is that of canceling what someone else has just done.

Examples of Check That

Meaning of check thatThis sample conversation between two coworkers demonstrates the correct use of this phrase.

Henry: What time is the meeting today?

Leroy: Four o’clock. No, check that, it’s at four-thirty.

Here is another example of an executive dictating a message to his assistant.

Executive: Can you take a message for me?

Assistant: Of course.

Executive: Tell Billson that he needs to have that report finished by end of business Friday.

Assistant: End of business Friday. I can do that.

Executive: Actually, check that. Make it end of business tomorrow. He’s been dragging his feet with this project for weeks.


The English phrase check that means to cancel or forget something someone said or did.