What Does To Check Luggage Mean?

Check Luggage Meaning

Definition: To give one’s baggage to an attendant at the ticket counter at the airport, so it will be transported in the cargo hold of a plane.

If someone has checks his luggage, this means that he has handed over his suitcase(s) to the ticket counter at the airport so that his bags will be transported in the cargo hold during a flight. The passenger will receive a physical check, showing that the baggage has been received. One will need to pick up one’s luggage at baggage claim upon landing.

Ways to Use To Check Luggage

What is a checked bagThe phrase to check luggage has only one meaning. It may have stemmed from the full phrase to check in luggage, which also has the same meaning. However, the full phrase is less commonly used in the modern day because it is implied that the luggage is being checked in.

After one checks one’s luggage, one will receive a claim ticket which confirms that the luggage has been received and will be transported in the cargo hold. Luggage that has been checked is usually referred to as checked luggage or checked baggage.

Examples of To Check Luggage

Define checked bagBecause it has only one meaning, there is only one way in which this phrase can be used. This sample conversation between a husband and wife who are getting ready to go on vacation illustrates the correct use of this phrase.

Rhonda: What time should we leave to go to the airport?

Miller: We should probably leave at least four hours before we fly. We’ll need time to check our luggage and print off our boarding passes.

More Examples

  • The company expects such fare initiatives to add $1 billion to its annual operating income by 2020, as more customers pay to check luggage or select higher fares for two carry-on bags. – The Washington Post
  • Because many carries no longer match passengers to bags on either domestic or international flights, Trakdot is a must-pack if you check luggage. – Chicago Tribune


The English phrase to check luggage means to turn in one’s luggage at the ticket counter at the airport so that it can be transported in the cargo hold.