What Does Check Back with Someone Mean?

Check Back with Someone Meaning

Definition: To ask someone about something at a later date.

The phrase to check back with someone means to make an inquiry about something at a later date. It is used when someone too busy to address something at the present time and advises that you “check back later.”

When one says, “check back with me later,” he is telling the inquirer to ask him again in the future when he has more time, details, or information.

Ways to Use To Check Back with Someone

Check you laterThis phrase is common in everyday English. People will often say, “Check back with me later,” if they are unsure about what someone is asking them at that particular time.

For instance, if Rufus asks Mandy when she will be available to meet with him, she may tell him to check back with her later when she can see her schedule.

This phrase is often used to express uncertainty or busyness. Using the aforementioned example, Mandy was not sure when she could meet with Rufus. She may have been too preoccupied with other things to answer his question at that time, or she may not have had access to her schedule so she could give him a specific date and time.

Examples of To Check Back with Someone

Define checking backThis phrase is used in two ways: to express busyness or uncertainty. The following example conversation between an employee and her boss illustrates the correct use of this phrase.

Rachel: Could I have Saturday off this week?

Megan: I’m not sure yet. You’ll have to check back with me on Tuesday when I make the schedule.

More Examples

  • “It’s a small market, but people are really nice and it’s got a good feel to it,” Peacock said, as she told customers buying dried fruit and nuts to check back with her in a few weeks for peaches and apricots. – LA Times
  • We should probably send him a copy of Civ V and Civ V: Gods & Kings and check back with him 10 years from now. – The Washington Post


The English phrase to check back with someone means to ask someone about something or meet with someone at a later date.