What Does Check Back on Something Mean?

Check Back on Something Meaning

Definition: To follow up on the status of something in the future.

The phrase to check back on something means to investigate the status of something at a later date.

If one is checking back on something, he is usually expecting its status to change, to progress, or to update in some way. The wording of this phrase may be changed slightly and use prepositions other than on.

However, no matter what preposition is used, the meaning remains approximately the same.

Ways to Use To Check Back on Something

 Meaning of check back onCheck back is a phrasal verb in English. This means that it is considered a two-word verb because check back has a different meaning than check on its own. Most often, this phrase is used when someone is expecting the status of what he is checking back on to change in some way.

For instance, if Paul asks Maria about the turkey that is cooking in the oven, she may tell him he’ll have to check back on it later because it’s not finished cooking yet. When he does check back on it, it will have cooked more.

This phrase may be used with various prepositions. Check back with and check back to have been used to express the same meaning as check back on.

Examples of To Check Back on Something

Define checking back on somethingThis phrase is common to hear in everyday speech. This sample conversation between two coworkers illustrates the correct use of this phrase.

Trudy: Have the new copies of the magazine been sent to print yet?

John: Yes, but we haven’t gotten word from the printers yet. You’ll have to check back on them later in the week to see what’s the holdup.

More Examples

  • We will both frequently check back on the document to see how things are progressing. – Forbes
  • Many town festivals will also have a car show, but don’t have the information ready yet, so check back on their websites later in the summer. – Chicago Tribune


The English phrase to check back on something means to review the status of something at some point in the future to see if it has changed or updated.