What Does Charm the Pants Off Mean?

Charm the Pants Off Meaning

Definition: To be extremely charming or charismatic or to do something impressive, especially when making a first impression.

The idiom charm the pants off means to act in a charming or charismatic way toward someone. It is often used to refer to someone’s first encounter with another person.

This phrase, however, can be used to refer to any situation in which someone exhibited significant charisma. This idiom, despite its wording, does not have any sexual connotations.

Ways to Use Charm the Pants Off

define charm the pants offIt is unclear when and where this phrase originated. However, it should be noted that this phrase does not carry any sexual connotations despite the way in which it is worded. It is not typically used in a sexual context at all.

There is only one way in which this phrase can be used, and that use refers to someone’s charismatic behavior. For example, if Brian shows off his sleight of hand tricks to a group at a party, one of the people in the group may say he charmed the pants off everyone.

Charm the skin off a snake and charm the knickers off a nun are similar idioms in English that have the same meaning as charm the pants off someone.

Examples of Charm the Pants Off

Charming the pants off someoneThis idiom is not commonly used in everyday English and is typically used within a specific context. The following conversation between two friends illustrates the correct use of this idiom.

Jessica: How did your mom like your new boyfriend?

Yvonne: She loved him. It was great. He sang some Sinatra for her and charmed the pants off her.

More Examples

  • You’ll see the same controlled, cold delivery, between almost clenched teeth; the same squinting scrutiny of other characters’ weaknesses, as if from above; and the same cagey and vaguely unctuous ability to charm the pants off of anyone, all the while suggesting that he could also do far worse, if provoked. –The Washington Post
  • Now these fellows could charm the pants off half (if not three-quarters) of the audience just by reading the proverbial phone book. –LA Times


The English idiom to charm the pants off means to be very charismatic toward someone else. This idiom is often used in reference to first encounters, but it can be used in any context where someone is very charming.