What Does Cement Something Together Mean?

Cement Something Together Meaning

Definition: (1) To fasten two things together with glue or cement; (2) to solidify an agreement or deal.

Origin of Cement Something Together

This phrasal verb is made up of the verb cement and the adverb together. It developed from the verb cement, which has the same definition. Cement comes from the Latin caementum.

Examples of Cement Something Together

Define cement togetherIn this example, two college students are trying to fix some broken steps on their shared house.

Frank: These steps are falling apart. We’re going to have to find someone to come out here and build new ones.

Karl: Maybe we don’t have to do that. It’s just this one big piece that’s coming off.

Frank: So, what do you suggest?

Karl: I think we could cement these two pieces together. That would probably secure the pieces so the stairs are safe to use.

In this example, two friends are opening a new business. They are discussing the best options to make a deal.

Lily: Are you ready? After this, we’ll own the building. We can finally get started on making the alterations for our new cafe.

Grace: Yes, let’s sign the agreement. I’m ready to cement this deal together.

Lily: Okay, I’ll go get our lawyer.

More Examples

Meaning of cement togetherIn the excerpt below, the author writes about the habitats of a unique animal that lives in caves.    

Animal bones and vegetation are typically dragged into the cave by pack rats and placed in a nest known as a midden.

  • “Probably over hundreds of years they’ve brought in debris from the outside and made their nest in here,” Bell said. “And they cement it together with their urine.” –Deseret News

This excerpt is about an organization that seeks to help at-risk youth. They solidify their program by caring deeply for the children. 

  • “Kids Company does something that is outside the language of the care system: they provide love for kids who don’t have anything. The formal care system is focused on management and box ticking whereas Kids Company provide food, therapy, education, legal and job support and cement it together with love. –Evening Standard

Grammar and Usage

This phrasal verb is separable. That means that the object can go between the two words of the phrasal verb. They can also go after the two words. Object pronouns can only go between the two words.

  • Correct: We want to cement this partnership together.
  • Correct: We want to cement together this partnership.
  • Correct: We want to cement it together.
  • Incorrect: We want to cement together it.


To cement something together means to bond two things together or to close a deal.