What Does To Catch Hell About Something Mean?

To Catch Hell For Something Meaning

Definition: To be chastised or admonished for something.

The phrase to catch hell about something means that one has been reprimanded for doing or saying something to make someone else angry.

If someone catches hell about something, it means that the other person involved has scolded him or her for something he or she has done. It is typically used in to refer to an argument or other types of heated interactions.

Ways to Use To Catch Hell About Something

The word hell has several meanings in English. Its most literal meaning is a religious reference to a realm in the afterlife where wrongdoers or sinners are punished. A related figurative meaning of hell refers to extensive, painful suffering. Hell is also an English expletive used in various contexts. It is unclear when hell was first used as an idiomatic noun.

define catch hell about somethingThere is only one meaning of to catch hell. However, it should be noted that this phrase can be used in different tenses just like most English verb phrases. One can catch hell; one may have caught hell in the past; or one may be catching hell right now.

Regardless of the tense used, the meaning stays the same.

Examples of To Catch Hell About Something

meaning of catching hell for somethingTo catch hell is typically used to refer to an argument or confrontation. This sample conversation between two friends illustrates the correct use of this phrase.

Theresa: I haven’t heard from David all day. He’s probably still mad at me.

Jane: Why would he be mad at you?

Theresa: I caught hell from him this morning because I told him I didn’t have time to make him the breakfast he wanted.

More Examples

  • Joe Biden has caught hell the past couple of weeks for making some fairly obvious observations to a reporter about Russia’s internal problems and for implying that the interests of such as weakened country needn’t worry the United States all that much. The Washington Post
  • She’s sure to catch hell from David Protess, the former Northwestern University professor whose team helped get Porter exonerated and Simon convicted. – Chicago Tribune


The English phrase to catch hell about something means to be scolded or reprimanded for something one has done or said.