What Does Cast Your Vote Mean?

Cast Your Vote Meaning

Definition: To vote in an election; to vote for someone or something.

Origin of Cast Your Vote

This expression first became popular in the 1800s. One of the definitions of cast is to register a vote. It probably comes from the old practice of putting one’s vote on a piece of paper and casting it into a box or other receptacle.


Examples of Cast Your Vote

Define cast your vote definitionThe below dialogue shows two women discussing Election Day.

Mila: Are you nervous about who is going to win the election?

Betty: No. I didn’t even vote.

Mila: Are you serious? But voting is important! Countless many people fought for the right to cast a vote.

Betty: I know, but neither candidate appeals to me. I prefer a third party candidate.

Mila: Then go vote for that third party person!

Meaning of to cast my voteThis dialogue shows a couple of roommates talking about their household chores. They are brainstorming new ways to split up the tasks.

John: Since there are so many of us living here, I was thinking of a new way to divide the chores.

Amanda: What is that?

John: Well, we already have a weekly meeting. Maybe we could just cast a vote each week at that meeting for which chore we want. Then if two people want the same one, we can flip a coin for it.

Amanda: That seems too complicated. With ten people all living here, that would take up a lot of time. Maybe we should just rotate chores every week.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an article about a unique polling location. Local citizens can go vote at a pool hall.

  • “It’s always one of the more interesting places to cast your vote,” said Sanders, 38, a freelance editor who lives in the neighborhood. –Chicago Sun Times

The second excerpt is about the opportunity to vote for which dress a beauty queen will wear. Because people are voting online, the author worries that they will choose a ridiculous dress featuring Vegemite. Vegemite is a condiment.

  • But as the infamous Boaty McBoatface incident taught us, when you let the Internet decide on a thing, they’re likely to pick the most hilarious, and ludicrous, option. Which means that come December 18, Madeline Cowe will probably be making her debut on the global stage in a dress as a piece of toast and Vegemite. Go here to cast your vote. –New York Post


To cast one’s vote describes the act of voting.