What Does Cast in the Same Mold Mean?

Cast in the Same Mold Meaning

Definition: Very much the same.   

Origin of Cast in the Same Mold

One of the definitions of cast means to shape a material, like metal, by pouring it into a mold.

The process of casting, also called molding or moulding, is centuries old. If two objects were literally made from the same mold, they would be almost identical.

Examples of Cast in the Same Mold

Define cast from the same moldIn the dialogue below, two friends are discussing a couple that they both know.

Tina: Hey, Keanu. Did you hear that Scotty and Jasmine are dating?

Keanu: No, I didn’t know. That’s great! I think they’ll be good for each other.

Tina: Yeah, they have a lot in common. They’re both so creative, and they both work incredibly hard to protect the environment.

Keanu: Yeah, I agree. They’re really cast in the same mold.

Tina: They’re made for each other. They even have the same taste in music.

Keanu: Hopefully it all works out for them.

 Meaning of cast same moldIn this example, two friends are discussing their favorite actresses.

Jonah: I was thinking a bit more about our earlier discussion. The one about our favorite actresses.

Tatiana: Yeah? What were you thinking about?

Jonah: Just that my favorite actress and your favorite actress aren’t really as different as I originally thought.

Tatiana: How so? They take totally different roles.

Jonah: I know, but their methods are similar. They both completely immerse themselves in their roles. Even when their roles are small, they are the most memorable part of the movie. I think those two are really cast in the same mold.

Tatiana: I see what you mean, although I’m not sure I agree.

More Examples

This article excerpt is about two former politicians and one current politician. The two former men are involved in scandals about corruption. The third man doesn’t want people to think he is similar to the other two.

  • Lest he be cast in the same mold as the likes of Mr. Lopez and Mr. Baez, meanwhile, Mr. Macri has repatriated $1.3 million he held in an offshore account in the Bahamas. –Washington Times

The second excerpt is from a food critic. She thinks the best owner of a restaurant would be someone very similar to Chris Miliotes.

  • If I were to choose a best restaurateur — not chef — it would have to be someone cast in the same mold as consultant Chris Miliotes, who earned his place in the local culinary history book with Chris’ House of Beef and Mr. Dunderbak’s delis. –Orlando Sentinel


Cast in the same mold is another way to say very alike.