What Does Cash or Credit Mean?

Cash or Credit Meaning

Definition: Either paper currency or money from a credit card or debit card.    

Origin of Cash or Credit

This expression became popular in the 1900s, although people could use credit before then.

Usually, people hear this in a store when they are making a purchase. The cashier often asks consumers if they wish to pay with cash or a credit card.

Examples of Cash or Credit

cash credit definitionThe first dialogue shows a sister and her brother making a purchase at the grocery store.

Luke: I’ll get everything we need from the dairy section.

Ella: Okay, I’ll get all produce we need.

Luke: Are we paying with cash or credit? I forgot to bring my credit card, and I only have $20.

Ella: That’s okay. We can use my card.

What does cash credit meanThe second example shows two friends in the checkout line in a department store. They are talking to a cashier.

Cashier: Hello. Did you find everything you needed today?

Ray: Yes, thanks.

Cashier: Do either of you have one of our savings cards? You can save 5% on this purchase.

Jackie: Yes, I have one. Here it is.

Cashier: Thanks. Okay, you saved $10.00 today. Cash or credit?

Ray: Cash.

Cashier: Your total is $190.

Ray: Here you go. Thank you.

Cashier: Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

More Examples

This article is about how customers can return an unwanted purchase to a store. Their refund will come in the form of one of several alternatives.    

  • The requirements: Customers with a receipt can receive a full cash or credit refund, an even exchange, or merchandise credit. Those with a gift receipt can get an even exchange or merchandise credit. No receipt? No problem! Bring the item in for merchandise credit. –New York Daily News

This other example is about payment methods on a toll road. Drivers can choose to pay in either cash or a credit card.    

  • Plus, the tollway has since posted signs telling customers that they are allowed to pay by cash or credit and should call a certain phone number if they do not receive a receipt, tollway officials said. –Chicago Sun Times
  • Summary

Cash or credit is an expression that offers two ways to pay for something or to get paid. The first way is will dollar bills or coins. The second method is by using a credit card or a debit card.