What Does Cash Money Mean?

Cash Money Meaning

Definition: Money in the form of cash rather than checks, money orders, etc.

This phrase is common slang to refer to any kind of paper currency. See a list of slang terms for money here.

Origin of Cash Money

Cash money became popular in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Most likely, people first used this expression with cash as an adjective. The adjective specified exactly what type of money they wanted.

Cash comes from the Old French casse. It first occurred in English around the late 1500s.

Money comes from Latin moneta through the Old French moneie and is even older than cash.

The term cash money also gained increased popularity by the rap group Cash Money Millionaires and the record label Cash Money Records.

Examples of Cash Money

define cash moneyIn this example, a man has a new job. He is concerned about how they are paying him.

Neha: So you finally got your first paycheck from your new job! Did it make all the pain worth it?

Tyrese: Well, it was good to get paid, but it actually wasn’t a paycheck.

Neha: Oh. Was it direct deposit?

Tyrese: Actually, they paid me in cash money. Is that weird?

Neha: It is pretty weird if you aren’t getting tips. You aren’t getting tips, are you?

Tyrese: No.

Neha: Maybe they are trying to commit tax fraud. Perhaps you should find another job.

define cash moneyIn this example, two office workers are discussing how one tried to negotiate a raise.

Barry: I did it. I asked for a raise.

Rachel: Really? How did it go? Did the boss give you a raise?

Barry: Sort of. He said he’d give me a bonus if I completed this big project and did a really good job on it.

Rachel: A bonus? I guess that’s better than nothing.

Barry: Yeah. And, apparently, I’ll get the bonus in cash money, which means I can spend it right away.

Rachel: That’s nice.

More Examples

This excerpt is about a TV show with a large cash prize.

In “Stranded,” cash money becomes an actual character in the show, and usually one of the villains.

Players are given $100,000 in cash every four days. They can choose to spend some of their money to help them survive but items are ridiculously expensive (a machete is $10,000, a two person tent is $30,000) and come out of the overall prize money.  –Colorado Springs Gazette

This excerpt is about updating payment methods to include more than only cash. This is because most people rely more on debit and credit cards nowadays.

Lumsden also has two insurance “housekeeping” bills slated to move this week. HB 174 updates the law to acknowledge claims may be paid by check or other modern methods.

“Right now, it uses ‘legal tender,’ which means cash money,” he said. “I’ve never seen a claim settled with cash.” –Northwest Georgia News


Cash money specifies legal tender in the form of bills.