What Does The Busiest Men Find the Most Time Mean?

Busiest Men Find the Most Time Meaning

Definition: Busy people work efficiently and therefore have more free time than others.

Origin of Busiest Men Find the Most Time

This proverb first appeared in writing in the year 1884. It has a similar meaning to the proverb idle people have the least leisure.

Examples of Busiest Men Find the Most Time

define busiest men find the most timeIn this example, a man has a new job in a new place and is overly busy. He asks his friend for advice.

Neha: Are you feeling any better now that you’ve been at your new place for a little while longer?

Tyrese: A little. I know the city better, but I’m so busy that I never have time to get out and explore. I can’t meet anyone.

Neha: Well, they say that the busiest men find the most time.

Tyrese: Yeah, I don’t think that applies to me right now. Maybe I’ll have more time once I get a routine going.

Neha: Don’t worry. You will! Is there anything I can do to help?

Tyrese: Not really. Just talking is enough.

meaning of busiest people find the most timeIn this example, two office workers are discussing a third coworker.

Barry: Look at Ralph. They say he is the most productive employee at our company.

Rachel: I know. He must be really busy!

Barry: That’s the interesting thing. He doesn’t seem busy at all! I always see him chatting or relaxing.

Rachel: I guess it’s true that the busiest men find the most time. Maybe he is just so efficient that he has extra time!

Barry: I don’t know. I think it’s mighty suspicious.

More Examples

This proverb is not commonly used in writing. However, it appears in this excerpt about tips for office workers.

  • It may not be practicable to everyone to spend daily long hours on reading, but with careful planning it is possible to set aside some time for reading everyday. It is a matter of discipline and determination. As the proverb says, “busiest men find the most time.” –Contemporary Office Handbook

This excerpt is from a story. Two parents use the expression to describe their son. He is busy studying but still makes time for a card game.

But since Akio himself was the one to suggest the game, Father decided to go along — though it was bound to be something pretty silly, meant only for little kids.

He picked up his cards.“The busiest men find the most time,” he and Mother teased Akio as the game got under way. –Still Life and Other Stories


The phrase the busiest men find the most time means that industrious people are competent and quick and therefore make time for leisure.