What Does Bring to the Fore Mean?

Bring to the Fore Meaning

Definition: To make something noticeable; to bring something to the front.

This is a phrase similar to bring something to the forefront and bring something to the front. All three phrases can be used interchangeably.

If something is brought to the fore, it becomes more noticeable, more popular, or more easily seen by others. When you bring something to the fore, you are taking actions to ensure that this happens.

Origin of Bring Something to the Fore

Like many English phrases, nobody quite knows from where this phrase comes. In the past, to the fore referred to something that happened before something else because fore was short for before. This use is totally obsolete today.

bring to the fore definitionThe phrase may also come from sailing. In sailing, the fore is a shortened way of saying “the foremast.” The fore of a ship and the foremast of a ship refer to the front side of the ship. Therefore, if something is brought to the fore, it is brought to the front.

Examples of Bring Something to the Fore

In soap operas, the plots are often sped up when secrets are brought to the fore, causing characters to interact in new and surprising ways. The phrase is often used to describe secrets and lies in this way.

use fore in a sentenceIt can also refer to solving mysteries and detective work. Detectives will need to bring to the fore any clues they can use to solve cases.

You may also try to work on bringing positive characteristics to the fore. Before a date, you may practice some jokes in order to bring humor to the fore of your conversation with your date. In a different situation, you may try to bring your work ethic to the fore of a job interview in order to appear motivated.

More Examples

  • The attacks did not so much bring out new qualities in Mr. Bush as bring to the fore the most compelling, and sometimes polarizing, aspects of his personality. –New York Times
  • What I’m trying to bring to the fore is the conversation that was very deep and thoughtful that the Chessman case sparked back in the day. –LA Times


The phrase to bring something to the fore is to direct attention to it or make it noticeable.