What Does Bring Into Question Mean?

Bring Something Into Question Meaning

Definition: Raise doubt.

If something is brought into question, its truth, authenticity, or accuracy is reconsidered. The veracity is disputed and, oftentimes, people disagree on the correct stance to take.

Something in question is something that is open to discussion, and any outcome is possible. However, more often than not, opinions become more negative after something has been in question.

Origin of Bring Something Into Question

Question is an early 13th-century word meaning philosophical or theological problem. Thus, there is no clear answer, and any side can be taken. It comes from the Latin quaestionem, meaning a seeking, inquiry, examining.

brought something into question definitionThe origin of bringing something into question is unclear, though there are a few variations of the phrase from the late 1700s. Both of the following examples are from a 1789 edition of the Gazette of the United-States,

  • …and if gentlemen would bring the question to this issue…
  • This conference, therefore, will necessarily bring on the grand question.

There is another similar variation in The Presbyterian of the South from August 1900:

  • …when it presupposes that the intelligent voters of the county will permit it to bring the question of nationality into the present campaign.

Examples of Bring Something Into Question

meaning of bring into questionIn the modern day, bringing something into question raises doubts about something you previously felt quite sure.

For example,

  • His tendencies to stay awake until 4 a.m. and sleep until noon, to only cook microwave meals, and to watch TV all day brought into question his ability to be a good father.


  • Recent evidence brings into question the purported size of the T-Rex.

While it usually results in a negative change of opinion, that is not always the case.

For example,

  • They brought into question my ability to teach, but I proved them wrong by getting 95% approval ratings from my students and having them all pass their final exam.

More Examples

  • With that image in mind, it can bring into question are we the enemies? Do the people really need such a forceful presence within our own borders? –Western Herald
  • Such dubious figures bring into question the trustworthiness of government statistics especially given that the government is seeking to avoid any inconvenient accusations of a recession in the non-resource sector. –Fiji Times


To bring something into question is to cast doubt on it and give it a second look.