What Does To Breeze Along Mean?

Breeze Along Meaning

Definition: To do something easily and without worry.

To breeze along is do something in a carefree and simple manner. Like a breeze, someone who breezes along is moving along as if propelled by nature, not stressing or caring about where his or her path ends.

People who breeze along through something have no concerns. This can be either a good or bad thing. Sometimes, it is helpful for people not to stress or busy themselves with anxiety and concerns. Other times, individuals who breeze along are not taking appropriate measures to ensure that they complete tasks well.

Origin of To Breeze Along

meaning of breeze alongAs with many idioms, no one is sure from where this phrase came. Many idioms using the word “breeze” exist and have existed for hundreds of years.

Most likely, this phrase came from describing people as going along with the breeze or going along like the breeze, floating from place to place or seemingly floating through tasks.

Examples of To Breeze Along

People who breeze along are often able to go about their lives without caring. Sometimes, people breeze along throughout their whole lives with carefree personalities.

Other times, people only breeze along through one or two things. For example, a girl may be very serious generally, but, since she is good at math, she breezes along through her calculus homework. It may also be said, then, that math is a breeze for her because she excels at it.

breezed alongSometimes, people may breeze along in a way that does not benefit them. It may at times imply carelessness. For example, while breezing along through homework that one is prepared for is a good thing, it would not be good to breeze along while driving on the highway. One who breezes along the highway may not be paying close enough attention to the road, and he or she may accidentally crash as a result.

More Examples

  • If you’ve been on a walk through Chicago, you’ve probably found time to breeze along State Street or Michigan Avenue –Travel and Leisure
  • Gloomy portents notwithstanding, it was easily enough for the movie to breeze along with the gust of capitalist excess at its back. –The Atlantic


One who breezes along is going about things carelessly or easily.