What Does Boogie Down to Somewhere Mean?

Boogie Down Somewhere Meaning

Definition: Strut, dance, or travel a short distance with enthusiasm and excitement.

Boogying down to somewhere is often done in a relaxed hurry (meaning quickly, but not stressfully) with the intent of doing something fun. You probably wouldn’t boogie down to a test or boogie down to a job interview, as those are both stressful situations.

You might, however, boogie down to a party, boogie down to the store, or boogie down to your friend’s house.

Origin of Boogie Down to Somewhere

This phrasal verb originally meant to dance to boogie music, which was an American style of rock music popular in the late 1960s.

boogie down productionsBoogie itself came from the early 1900s with the 1912 song titled, “That Syncopated Boogie-boo.” Modern slang transformed the dance style into a verb to mean to move as if by dancing to a place.

Boogie-woogie is found in Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang indicating that from the 1930s onward, it meant to enjoy oneself or to leave or depart.

Examples of Boogie Down to Somewhere

meaning of boogie downIn the modern day, boogie down to somewhere is a very casual way to talk about covering a short distance in a lighthearted mood.

One could ask their friend,

  • Why don’t you boogie down to the store and pick up some snacks for tonight?


  • Let’s boogie down to the club for some dancing later.

More Examples

  • Before the countdown, visitors will make New Year’s hats and noisemakers and boogie down to live music by Mark-O-Polo and Celia. –Belleville News-Democrat
  • Bronx-born singer and actress Jennifer Lopez boogied down to the Ridge for a television shoot on June 10. –Brooklyn Daily


The phrase to boogie down to somewhere means to go somewhere quickly and enthusiastically, usually for the purpose of having fun and enjoying oneself.