What Does To Blow Someone A Kiss Mean?

Blowing a Kiss Meaning

Definition: To kiss your fingertips and mime blowing it to someone, usually when parting.

Blowing someone a kiss is a way to show affection when saying goodbye. If you are too far to give them a physical kiss, you can give a friend or loved one a kiss “through the air,” and they will understand you are sending love.

It is an act often performed by celebrities as well, who aren’t sending a kiss to one person but all their fans. They may be on stage and use their hand to blow kisses to the audience, as a way to reach the entire group at once.

Origin of To Blow Someone A Kiss

blowing kisses meaningIn The History of the Kiss! (published 2013) Marcel Danesi writes,

  • The act of blowing kisses originated in Mesopotamia as a means to gain favor with the gods.

It is a popular act throughout the English-speaking world, though the phrase itself varies. In the past, it was also known as throwing a kiss, and in India, they say flying kiss to mean the same thing.

Blow someone a kiss probably didn’t originate until after the 1600s, when the descendant of Old English blawan became the term for make an air current.

Examples of To Blow Someone A Kiss

when a guy blows you a kissIn the modern day, people use the phrase blow a kiss in parting:

  • He blew me a kiss goodbye as I rode away on the train.


  • We blew kisses as we waved goodbye.

As mentioned in the above sections, celebrities also use it when giving kisses to a crowd:

  • The actress blew kisses at the crowd while she walked the red carpet.

Here is an example dialogue between a boyfriend and his girlfriend, who is leaving on a work trip.

Sarah: I’ll miss you. I’ll be back next week.

Joe: Have a safe trip. I hope you have a great time and make a lot of sales.

Sarah: So do I; I will call you when I get there.

Joe: Okay, don’t forget to blow me a kiss from the plane.

Sarah: I won’t!

More Examples

  • The 19-year-old decided to blow some kisses as she posed up a storm during a photocell for the 42nd Deauville American Film Festival in France just days after [her and Brooklyn Beckham’s] their split. –The Sun
  • If Joe says ‘no’ to this request, cheerfully tell your child, “That’s okay, Sarah! Let’s wave bye-bye to Joe and blow him a kiss.” –The Huffington Post


The act of blowing someone a kiss is the pantomime of sending a kiss to a person who is near enough to see but not touch.