What Does Bless Your Lucky Star Mean?

Bless Your Lucky Star Meaning

Definition: To express gratitude for a lucky thing that has happened to you.

Synonymous with the phrase “thank my lucky stars,” this idiom expresses thankfulness. Someone would say, “bless my lucky star” if something surprising or lucky has happened to him or her recently.

In many cases, this phrase can also express relief. If something that was expected to turn out badly ends up okay, someone might say with a sigh of relief, “bless my lucky star!”

Origin of Bless Your Lucky Star

the phrase bless one's lucky starsIn the middle ages, astrology was widely believed. People thought that the positions of stars in the sky could influence events that happened to them. Therefore, if something particularly good or relieving happened, it could be attributed to the positions of one or more stars in the sky. People may thank the stars for their good luck.

In 1559, the play Every Man Out of His Humour included the line, “I thank my Stars for it.”

Many people today still believe in astrology, but this phrase is not limited to astrological belief. Many people say it as an interjection or declaration of shock.

Examples of Bless Your Lucky Star

blessing your lucky starsA woman might tell her husband,

  • I bless my lucky star that we were both in that library at the same time when we met!

She is expressing surprise at and thankfulness for their chance meeting.

Another use of the phrase may be when somebody receives a gift. Upon opening a present that they really wanted, a person may declare, “bless my lucky star!”

Finally, somebody may use the phrase when shocked. If a person were walking around while texting and accidently bumped into a friend, she may look up from her phone and say, “bless my lucky star” when she sees who it is that she bumped into.

More Examples

  • Madonna was one “Lucky Star” yesterday, miraculously suffering only minor injuries after taking a nasty spill while horseback riding at a celebrity photographer’s Hamptons manse. –New York Post
  • You are my lucky star. –CNN


The English idiom bless your lucky star expresses surprise or gratitude for something lucky that has happened to you.