What Does And Then Some Mean?

And Then Some Meaning

Definition: And more, especially more than anticipated or previously mentioned.

The phrase and then some is another way of saying and more, especially in situations where the amount of something is higher than originally expected or mentioned. This phrase usually refers to countable, tangible objects, although it does not always. In some cases, and then some can refer to actions.

Ways to Use And Then Some

This phrase is commonly used in everyday English, and it usually refers to countable objects. It may be used to discuss giving or receiving more of something than anticipated. Sandra might say she paid $30,000 “and then some” for her brand new car.

and then some meaningThis phrase does not always refer to giving or receiving something. It can be used in any context in which more of something exists than originally thought.

This phrase can also be used to illustrate that someone has done more than what was originally required of them. For example, Trinity might say Judy cleaned the kitchen and then some. This means Judy cleaned more than just the kitchen; maybe she cleaned that bathroom and living room, too. Although she was only expected to clean the kitchen, she did that and then some.

Examples of And Then Some

friends and then someAlthough this phrase usually refers to countable objects, it can be used to refer to actions as well. No matter what the phrase refers to, its meaning remains the same.

This sample conversation between two coworkers shows how this phrase is used correctly in everyday English.

Terrence: Could you brief me on the latest project since I wasn’t here yesterday?

Daphne: Sure. The boss said this new project is going to take all of our current resources and then some.

More Examples

  • By the summer of 2014, Barr had restored the airport to its former glory and then some. – NY Post
  • That would probably erase all of your earnings and then some, so you’ll want to make sure you can avoid these fees. – USA Today


The English phrase and then some is essentially another way of saying and more. This phrase particularly applies to things that are higher in quantity than initially expected.